Beagle Composites wins large marine composites contract

U.K.-based Beagle Composites has won a contract to manufacture carbon fiber composite marine structures for large motor yachts.

Beagle Composites (Christchurch, U.K.), part of the Beagle Technology Group, reported on July 9 that it has won a new contract to make structural marine composite structures for large motor yachts. Valued at several million pounds, the contract will secure existing jobs at Beagle and may result in the creation of new jobs.

These high-tech composite structures will be fabricated using carbon fiber prepreg, employing what Beagle says is the most advanced prepreg cutting and bonding equipment, programmed and handled by Beagle’s composite team.

John Taylor, managing director, Beagle Technology Group, says, “We have invested significantly in equipment and people for Beagle Composites, since the division was formed last year, and it is rewarding to see the company winning business in the marine sector, which is a new market for us. Beagle Composites has built on the Beagle Technology Group’s rich heritage and experience and is proving the company’s ability to adapt, innovate and grow. Despite a tough economic climate, Beagle continues to expand steadily and is a committed, proven and reliable one-stop supplier to the global engineering market across land, marine and aerospace sectors.”