Barracuda Advanced Composites to supply panels for Brazilian aquarium

Brazil-based Barracuda Advanced Composites will manufacture 27 sandwich composite tanks to contain a total of 5 million liters of water for the city of Rio de Janeiro's new aquarium.

Barracuda Advanced Composites (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) reported on April 14 that it will supply several composite panels to the city of Rio de Janeiro for the construction of the largest marine aquarium in Latin America as part of a plan to revitalize the city.

The aquarium is located in the port area of the city, near the Guanabara Bay, and will have a total floor area of 27,000m2/290,625 ft2 and will house 12,000 animals from 400 freshwater and saltwater species, including sharks and rays. City officials anticipate the construction will require an estimated investment of $60 million (USD).

Barracuda Advanced Composites' engineering division designed a total of 27 sandwich composite tanks using finite element analysis. The tanks will contain a total of 5 million liters (1.3 million gallons) of water and will be built by resin infusion with vinylester resin and glass fabrics. The tanks include flow modeling using Polyworx software.

The aquarium was conceived not only to be a tourist attraction, but also to promote conservation of biodiversity, environmental education and marine biology research. The project is expected to be finished by 2014 and is estimated to be able to attract 1.5 million visitors per year.