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AVK invites submissions for 2019 Innovation Awards

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AVK awards open for submission for innovations in fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP) / composites.


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The German Federation of Reinforced Plastics (AVK) is inviting submissions for the AVK Innovation Award 2019 in fibre-reinforced plastics / composites, covering the following categories:

  • Innovative products/components or applications
  • Innovative procedures/processes
  • Research and science

The AVK Innovation Award aim to promote new products/components and applications made from fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP) and to promote new processes and methods for the manufacturing of FRP products. A further award will be presented to universities, colleges and institutes for outstanding work in science and research. In each of the categories special emphasis will be placed on the issue of sustainability.

Another goal of the AVK Innovation Award is to give prominence to the innovations and also to the individuals and companies/institutions that responsible for them, with the goal of raising public awareness of the achievements of the sector as a whole.

The closing date for submission documents is March 29 2019. Further information and the evaluation criteria can be found at www.avk-tv.de/innovationaward.php.

The award ceremony will be held during the COMPOSITES EUROPE trade fair Sept. 10-12, 2019. 


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