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12/21/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Avcorp completes acquisition of Hitco Carbon Composites

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This will expand Avcorp's ability to manufacture composite airframe structures.


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Avcorp Industries (Delta, Canada) says that it has completed the acquisition of the assets and certain liabilities of the composite aerostructures division of SGL Carbon SE's subsidiary, Hitco Carbon Composites (Gardena, CA, US). The acquisition, which was first announced in July 2015, will approximately double Avcorp's revenue while strengthening its balance sheet. This acquisition will also expand Avcorp's carbon composite manufacturing capabilities and result in the company receiving cash, payment commitments and supplies valued at approximately CAD $65 million (US $47 million).

"The acquisition of the assets and certain liabilities of Hitco's Aerostructures division represents one of our most significant milestones to date and is strategic on a number of levels," said Pete George, Avcorp Group's CEO. "Without incurring any debt or diluting shareholders through the issuance of new shares, we have significantly strengthened our ability to address the growing market for composite airframe structures in the aviation sector. More importantly, we have strengthened our position within the supply chains of our most important customers. We have witnessed first-hand how the aerospace industry leaders are taking advantage of the benefits that carbon composites provide, including reducing aviation fuel costs, reducing the number of component parts and increasing design flexibility."

Avcorp will continue to operate Hitco's aerostructures division facilities from its current location in Gardena, CA, transitioning to the new name of Avcorp Composite Fabrication (ACF). The company says it will strengthen its leadership talent through the addition of key members of management and will retain the majority of Hitco's aerostructures division existing employees.


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