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5/2/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Automotive thermoplastics conference keynote emphasizes composites at Ford

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Ford Motor Co.'s Cynthia Flanigan will discuss next-generation automotive composites at Thermoplastic Composites Conference for Automotive, June 15-16 near Detroit.


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CompositesWorld's Thermoplastic Composites Conference for Automotive (TCCA), June 15-16 in Novi, MI, US, is featuring a keynote address from Ford Motor Co.'s Cynthia Flanigan, manager, design & final assembly systems, marterials & manufacturing R&A, titled, “Driving Factors for Next-Generation Automotive Composites.”

Abstract: The automotive industry continues to be a dynamic environment, impacted simultaneously by rapidly changing societal trends, technology advancements, regulations and customer expectations. From an OE perspective, these key driving factors influence the acceleration and development of new materials technologies to meet stringent requirements for performance, cost, weight and environmental impact. To meet this challenge, our technical community has made significant strides in the research and development of new composite materials. Lightweight strategies to meet upcoming fuel economy standards include carbon fiber application developments and novel materials such as nanographene-reinforced composites.  To continue reducing our environmental impact, we are actively working on sustainable materials such as cellulose fiber, which replaces high-density glass-filled plastics and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Technologies such as additive manufacturing further enhance our ability to deliver new customer experiences, through innovative designs, surfaces and structures. This talk will focus on several case studies of advanced composites and enabling technologies being developed at Ford Research. There are many exciting technical opportunities to develop next generation vehicles together that address the challenges of our industry.

The TCCA program consists of presentations from materials and equipment suppliers, including new innovations in composites molding, such as injection overmolding and compression molding.  Speakers will emphasize advanced composites technologies that offer carmakers more opportunities to lightweight vehicles while maintaining, if not improving, performance.

For more about the conference, and to register, visit: www.tccauto.com.