At JEC Europe 2015: European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC)

The Paris France-based CELC continued its advocacy of flax and hemp as natural-fiber reinforcements for composites at its end-product exhibit at the JEC Europe 2015 trade show.

The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC, Paris, France) displayed an assortment of consumer products made from composites reinforced with natural fibers derived from hemp and flax in its Flax & Hemp Composites Village exhibit at its stand. CELC also participated in JEC's “Composites for better living” program, which featured a large exhibit (650m2), in Pavilion 7.2, of end products that incorporate the advances of what CELC calls "new-generations" of composites. More than a third of the exhibited products, CELC says, include flax- or hemp-reinforced composites. This major market penetration is apparent in the broad range of products in the catalogue of brands that are benchmarks in their specific fields. These include sports and leisure (archery bows, tennis and table-tennis racquets, skis and ski poles, bicycles and cycling helmets, paddleboards and, of course, skateboards), everyday accessories (dress boots, suitcases, notebook covers and eye glasses), musical equipment (speakers and acoustic guitars), and furniture (chairs and lamps).

Founded in 1951, the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp is the only European agro-industrial organisation that covers all stages of flax and hemp production and conversion. CELC is a preferred point of contact for 10,000 companies in 14 European countries, managing the fibres from the plant to the finished product. It is a forum for creative thought, economic analysis, consultation, and strategic orientation for the flax and hemp markets. It creates an environment that promotes the competitiveness of its member companies.

For more information, contact Julie Pariset, manager of the CELC Technical Section: