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AREVO launches battery-assisted 3D printed carbon-fiber frame bike

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Company partners with Oechsler on a second application demonstrating its software-controlled additive manufacturing process.


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AREVO (Santa Clara, CA, US) announced on July 12 the launch of its eBike – the world’s first battery-assisted bike using a 3D carbon fiber frame. The announcement comes on the heels of launching the first 3D printed all terrain city bike in May.

AREVO’s 3D printing process combines software, robotics, machine learning and thermoplastic materials to provide designers and manufacturers with the ability to create products with strength and durability. The process allows AREVO’s eBike to be customized for individual riders, printed as and when needed at scale, and competitively manufactured anywhere in the world. 

“We have created a new paradigm for manufacturing that empowers businesses to create and source products locally by leveraging advancements in dynamic software and automation,” says Jim Miller, CEO of AREVO. “The development of the eBike has proven that we can 3D print a new product when needed, at a low cost and localize the manufacturing process, significantly cutting down on the process and time it has taken historically to create bike frames.” 

AREVO partnered with Oechsler (Ansbach, Germany), a manufacturer of automotive and medical parts, to leverage their Drivematic three-speed automatic gearbox with AREVO’s 3D printed carbon fiber frame for the electric 3D printed bike.