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6/10/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Archer Cork Skateboards features eco-composites

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Sicomin’s Greenpoxy 56 resin bonds all the elements together on the skateboards.


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Working with Sicomin (Marseille, France), the new skateboards for Australian-based Archer Cork Skateboards utilize a combination of cork bark sheets for the main laminate, flax fibers to add torsional strength and stiffness and Sicomin’s Greenpoxy 56 resin to bond all the elements together.

Over 50% of Greenpoxy 56’s molecular structure is derived from plant and vegetable matter, making the product an “advanced, environmentally enhanced, clear and waterproof system that delivers a tough and hard wearing laminate surface.”

“Sicomin’s Greenpoxy displays one of the highest contents of bio-based ingredients available and really complements the other sustainable resources used,” said Simon Heading, composite technician and Archer’s Founder and Designer. “The combination of the product’s formula and the materials selected for construction, means the cork board displays an extraordinary reduction in vibration and a higher impact resistance.”

The flexibility of the cork combines perfectly with the flax reinforcement, which also has similar characteristics. The flax fibers are used for strength and then orientated to adjust the flex and feel of each board making it a reported smooth ride for the skater.

The boards are produced by laying the dry, raw fabrics into a mold, which are then vacuum infused using Sicomin’s Greenpoxy 56.

Both Sicomin and Archer were acknowledged at the JEC Asia 2014 Innovation Awards with the cork skateboard achieving first place in the Sustainability category. “Such accolades highlight the notion that ‘green’ composites can result in environmentally friendly products without any sacrifice in performance,” the companies stated.