Applied Graphene Materials secures first production order

Applied Graphene Materials has supplied its graphene material for use in the production of a range of fishing rods.

Applied Graphene Materials (Cleveland, UK) has supplied its graphene material for use in the production of a range of fishing rods, made by UK's Century Composites Ltd. Century has introduced a new range of fishing rods to the market, containing the group’s graphene nanoplatelets. These fishing rods are being sold under the brand Graphex.

Century has manufactured composite fishing rods in the UK for nearly 40 years, utilizing a range of reinforcing materials including glass, aramid, polyethylene and carbon fibers. Intrinsic to the optimum performance of composite materials used to produce rods at the higher end of the price spectrum is the supporting polymer matrix that carries load between the fibers. This critical reinforcing component has seen considerable advances over the past decade.

Following a period of collaboration, Applied’s work with Century has culminated in the incorporation of graphene nanoplatelets into a high specification range of fishing rods.

 “We are pleased to be able to announce our first production order with Century Composites. This follows a period of successful collaboration with Century to ensure the effective transfer of the properties of our graphene nanoplatelets into Century’s existing production processes,” says Jon Mabbitt, CEO of Applied Graphene Materials.