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9/22/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

AnalySwift's simulation tools join Purdue's cdmHUB platform

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AnalySwift's VABS and SwiftComp Micromechanics modeling software will be available on Purdue University's Composites Design & Manufacturing Hub (cdmHUB).


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AnalySwift LLC (North Logan, Utah, USA), a provider of efficient high-fidelity modeling software for aerospace and energy composites and other advanced materials, announced on Sept. 22 that its engineering software tools are available on Purdue University’s recently launched Composites Design & Manufacturing Hub (cdmHUB). The cdmHUB has recently received attention as not only a comprehensive toolset available to the composites community, but also for its acceleration of the certification process for aerospace composites.

AnalySwift’s tools available on the cdmHUB platform include its popular VABS software for rigorously modeling composite wind turbine blades, helicopter blades and other complex slender structures; and the SwiftComp Micromechanics program for efficiently calculating multiphysical properties of both advanced materials and structures. Users will be able to evaluate the software tools for free and at their convenience, as long as they have access to a web browser.

According to Allan Wood, president and CEO of AnalySwift, “We are very pleased to participate in the cdmHUB platform. This access will help users accelerate time-to-market through a unique combination of both efficiency and accuracy in modeling composites leveraging the powerful mathematical approach underlying our tools.”

Dr. Wenbin Yu, Associate Director of the cdmHUB and chief technical officer of AnalySwift, highlights additional benefits of software availability on the HUB: “Through the cdmHUB, we eliminate software compatibility issues with various operating systems. Instead, users can access them at any time through an online browser. Users simply provide the inputs and the code efficiently generates the outputs, without a need to install any software to the user’s computer. Also, pulling users into a central place creates additional advantages for the composites community.”

According to the Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB (cdmHUB), the program is “a collaborative web interface platform designed to enhance and build synergies among the composite community by enabling users to interact 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The platform was developed to host the simulation tools needed to: advance composite materials design, certify product integrity, simulation manufacturing solutions, and accelerate the talent-base of composite materials developers and users.” Additionally, the platform will “showcase emerging simulation tools, evaluate existing and emerging simulation tools and host simulation challenges to educate and unify the composites community.” 


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