Amitech builds epoxy-coated storage tanks

The epoxy technology was developed by CST Industries in the U.S. and will be used by Amitech to build storage tanks in Brazil.

Amitech (Ipena, Brazil), manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced polyester pipes, announced on Jan. 26 that it has begun to supply epoxy-coated steel tanks to the Brazilian market. Manufactured in the U.S. by CST Industries Inc. (Kansas City, Kan.), the tanks broaden the alternatives offered by Amitech for water and sewer applications. "Generally, water main projects encompass the use of both pipes and tanks, that's why we decided to add this product to our portfolio", explains Flavio Martal, commercial manager at Amitech.

Compared to the usual welded steel models, Amitech's tanks are notable because of their easy assembly. "Because they're screwed, welding specialized works aren't necessary," said Martal. Another strength is the longer useful life assured by the internal epoxy coating, Amitech said.

Compared to the concrete reservoirs, the main benefit is the installation quickness. "With identical sizes, our tanks are assembled with 1/3 of the time", says Marτal. The user may also disassemble the screwed tanks and install them at another place, investing only in the construction of a new concrete base. "And, if necessary to increase the storage capacity, you may just lift the reservoir height installing new epoxy-coated steel panels."

Because it's self-supported and uses a light aluminum ceiling, the tank does not need central sustaining columns, which reduces the project's total cost. In addition to that, the sole equipment used to assemble the tank is a simple torque screwdriver connected to a hydraulic compressor.

Amitech expects to build 15 to 20 reservoirs in 2009. The company says it will next add water, sewer and industrial effluent networks recovery by non-destructive methods to Amitech's portfolio.