Alveus to commercialize Compa Repairs' composite ship repair service 

Compa Repairs service and license solutions to establish a readily available network of license repair experts globally for ship repairs using CFRP materials.


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Doubler plate repair.

Doubler plate repair, before (left) and after (right). Photo Credit: Compa Repairs

Alveus (Rijeka, Croatia), a company focused on the design, engineering and application of carbon fiber-based technologies in the maritime industry,  reported that after successful finalization of an EU-funded project, COMPA 2GO with Compa Repairs (Rijeka, Croatia), a company that specializes in the application of composite patching to damaged ship structures and pipes, it now aims to commercialize a Compa Repairs license solution, which will establish a readily available network of license repair experts globally.

More specifically, the objective of the Horizon 2020 innovation project, COMPA 2GO, was to commercialize Compa Repairs’ solutions for damaged or corroded ship pipes and structures using carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) reinforced with epoxy resin, said to be a more cost- and time-effective alternative to traditional methods of repair by welding. Compa Repairs reportedly minimize vessel downtime and increase vessel safety by providing a fast and durable repair while eliminating the use of flame. It is applicable to geometrically complex structures and difficult-to-reach locations.

Compa Repairs service and Compa Repairs license are two developments that have resulted from this project. Alveus says Compa Repairs service was proven to be a reliable solution through 26 repair cases on board different types of ships including Ro-Ro/cargo ships, vehicle carriers, cargo carriers, LNG carriers, ferries and sailboats. Compa Repairs’ technical team performed repairs of pipes and flanges, steel plating and composite structures.

The increase in worldwide demands for repairs has led to the development of the Compa Repairs license solution, which will reportedly make Compa Repairs technology readily available world-wide through a network of trained technical agents while maintaining high quality standards. For that purpose, a Compa course for technical agents has also been developed as well as Compa Repairs software for automatic generation of patch designs and for instant creation of reports for class approvals.

Currently, Compa Repairs fulfilled criteria for the final DNV GL’s (Oslo, Norway) “Fitness for Service” certificate after previously receiving the “Statement of Feasibility” and the “Statement of Endorsement” certificates. Besides the DNV GL certification, Compa also extended the certificate of the Croatian Register of Shipping via real-environment demonstrations, as well as through a number of tests. Future plans include further certification by other relevant maritime organizations.