A320 and B737 re-engining: Albany sees $150 million in CFRP

As Airbus and Boeing work to develop re-engined version of the A320 and 737 using CFM's LEAP-X engine, Albany International expects $150 million in composites work.


If the re-engining plans for the Airbus (Toulouse, France) A320neo (new engine option) and The Boeing Co.’s (Seattle, Wash.) 737 aircraft go forward as announced, Albany International Corp. (AEC, Rochester, N.H.) estimates that it could see an additional $150 million (USD) in revenue for advanced composite parts it provides for the LEAP-X jet engine produced by CFM International (Melun, France and Evendale, Ohio).

Orders announced at the Paris Air Show for both the A320-neo and LEAP-X, coupled with Boeing’s recent decision (pending board approval) to offer a LEAP-X-powered 737, point to a significant ramp-up of AEC revenues from commercial sales of LEAP-X components for these two programs by 2015 or 2016.

If the LEAP-X is installed on 50 percent of ordered A320neo aircraft (to date, it is reported to be aboard 63 percent of those for which engines have been selected) and all of the re-engined 737s, and if Boeing and Airbus each achieve their announced production targets of 42 737s and A320s per month, the demand for LEAP-X engines could reach roughly 1,500 per year by late in the decade, each carrying approximately $100,000 of AEC-built composite parts. The $150 million figure does not include the revenue potential in Shanghai-based Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China’s (COMAC) C919, a coming LEAP-X-powered competitor for the A320 and 737. COMAC has received, to date, orders for 100 C919 aircraft (200 LEAP-X engines).