Aircraft interiors composites conference returns to Seattle

CompositesWorld's 2013 High-Performance Composites for Aircraft Interiors conference is returning to Seattle, Oct. 2-3 at the Washington State Convention Center.

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CompositesWorld, publisher of High-Performance Composites and Composites Technology magazines, as well as the CompositesWorld Weekly newsletter, reports that its 2013 High-Performance Composites for Aircraft Interiors conference is returning to Seattle, Wash., USA, scheduled for Oct. 2-3 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

The conference, offered in conjunction with the Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas show, will be chaired by Michael P. Kuntz, associate technical fellow, The Boeing Co. (Seattle, Wash., USA) and Bjorn Ballien, program manager, Henkel Aerospace.

Among the speakers will be Chris Red, principle of Composites Forecasts & Consulting (Mesa, Ariz., USA). The title of Red's presentation is "Enhancing the Operating Costs and Revenue Generation with Composite Interiors." Faced with steadily rising operating costs, airlines and their aircraft OEM and component suppliers are constantly developing new of methods to enhance profitability and passenger acceptance. Advanced composite materials offer many attractive solutions to cabin safety, passenger capacity, revenue generation, and weight reduction.

These benefits have been well recognized since the 1980s, and as a result, composites now represent approximately a quarter (or more) of materials volumes present in modern aircraft. For some commercial jets, this represents many hundreds of individual components and tens of thousands of pounds of finished composite structure. And while airframe components are designed to serve for the life of an aircraft, interiors are regularly updated and replaced. These replacement cycles provide the airline and composites industry a number of opportunities to develop and modify the commercial transport fleet over time – taking advantage of new designs, functionality, and materials.

With commercial transport aircraft deliveries ramping up over the next ten years, the interiors business is expected to grow from approximately $7 billion annually up to $12 billion, with composite components representing approximately one-third of that value. This presentation will discuss the current market for advanced composite components and materials in use on commercial aircraft, as well as the competitive landscape for the suppliers of those components.

For more information, visit 2013 High-Performance Composites for Aircraft Interiors.