Aeroblaze expands flammability testing

The expedited testing for quality control offers a 1.5-day turnaround and reduced rates.

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Aeroblaze Laboratory (Fort Worth, TX, US) reported on July 7 that it has announced a new flammability testing service for aerospace manufacturers. This service provides expedited testing for quality control, offering 1.5-day turnaround and reduced rates.

Manufacturers may run hundreds of quality control tests per month. In addition to the high cost of testing, manufacturers also experience long lead times for test results. "Quality control testing gets expensive and lead time is important when products are waiting to ship," says Andrew Feghali, CEO of Aeroblaze. "We wanted to create a program that alleviates those high costs and, at the same time, allows manufacturers to ship their products faster."

Aeroblaze says current industry lead times for flammability testing typically range from 3 to 5 days, which includes the mandatory 24-hour conditioning prior to testing. Factoring in the transport time of shipping samples, results may take over a week to arrive. Aeroblaze hopes to expedite this process and provide test results in less than two days. 

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