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5/16/2011 | 2 MINUTE READ

Advanced composites repair conference scheduled

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American GFM and the Consortium for Improving/Integrating Advanced Composites Processes are hosting a free two-day conference June 22-23 on high-performance composites repair technologies and processes.


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American GFM Corp. (AGFM, Chesapeake, Va., USA) and the Consortium for Improving/Integrating Advanced Composites Processes (CIACP) have announced a two-day technology conference at the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials (CCM) in Newark, Del., USA, in conjunction with the university's Applications Technology Transfer Lab (ATTL). The conference will be held June 22-23.

The June 22 session will be conducted at the Center for Composite Materials and will highlight presentations of the processes and some of the advanced technologies utilized in composites manufacturing and repair. This will start with CAD data required for, and demonstrations of, various composites manufacturing processes such as nesting, ply cutting, laser projection for proper ply layup, including FOD prevention and automated ply verification.

Additional presentations will include advanced ultrasonic cutting plus non-contact inspection of sculpted honeycomb, as well as machining of cured composites using multiple cutting technologies on the same 5- and 6-axis machine tools with component shuttle systems. Other presentations/demonstrations will include advanced 3-D digitizing/dimensional inspection and advanced non-destructive inspection technologies. Proper training regarding both individual processes, as well as integrated processes, will be stressed in a presentation for composites manufacturing and repair operations.

The June 23 session will be conducted at the Applications Technology Transfer Lab (10 minutes south of the main campus) and will highlight several of the same technologies that were presented/demonstrated on the previous day as "standalone" technologies. However, in this case they will demonstrated as components of multiple technology systems that have been integrated as required to optimize the manufacture, or repair, of a composite part. An presentation/demonstration will highlight the CompForm Preforming Process for creating preforms for liquid composite molding applications.

One demonstration of integrated technologies will include digitizing and performing NDI on a C-130 nose radome as part of the U.S. Department of Defense's IRPC (Inspection and Repair Preparation Cell) Project. The IRPC is a basic concept for "off aircraft" repair of composite parts. Another composites repair project that will be highlighted during this conference will be the ICRS (Integrated Composites Repair System), which has been recently developed for "on aircraft" composites repair.

AGFM says the conference is not designed as a sales event, noting that it is a presentation/demonstration of enhanced and integrated technologies, operated on real materials and parts, demonstrating first-hand their value to companies/attendees.

There are no fees or other charges for those who attend this event. Scheduled presenting companies/organizations include:

  • University of Delaware
  • AGFM Corp.
  • Assembly Guidance Systems Inc.
  • Abaris Training Resources Inc.
  • Agilent Technologies Inc.
  • Steinbichler Vision Systems Inc.
  • Picometrix LLC

For more information about this event, contact: Frank Elliott, advanced initiatives coordinator, AGFM/GFM, +1 817-577-4488 (office), +1 817-909-2444 (mobile), featgm@aol.com, www.agfm.com.