Adapa, ElectroHeat partner for reconfigurable thermoforming solution

Off-the-shelf solutions will pair curing oven and reusable adaptive mold to fit standard panel sizes for lower-cost composites manufacturing.


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ElectraHeat industrial ovens

Photo Credit: Adapa A/S

It was recently reported that Adapa A/S (Aalborg, Denmark) and ElectroHeat Sweden AB (Gothenburg, Sweden) have entered a cooperation in supplying combined adaptive molds and heating solutions for the composite industry. The cooperation results from the need for an off-the-selves solution that will pair curing oven and reusable adaptive mold design that can fit standard panel sizes for composites manufacturing

Thermoforming composites and thermoplastics into curved designs on a reconfigurable adaptive mold is a manufacturing process that reduce the use of one-off molds and reduce the use of resin. Additional benefits include reduced waste, more lightweight composite products and a lower manufacturing cost. 

Adapa A/S D200 mold
Photo Credit: Adapa A/S

Adapa says it is pleased to have initiated a cooperation with ElectroHeat, which is said to have extensive experience in supplying ovens and furnaces to a broard variety of industries like aerospace, automotive, shipyards and manufacturing industry all over the world. According to Adapa, ElectroHeats’ industrial ovens — used for a variety of heating processes such as drying, curing and hardening — fit well to the use of its adaptive molds in various industries and manufacturing processes.