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Abaris teams with TenCate

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The training company will employ TenCate Advanced Composites prepreg materials in tooling fabrication classes.


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TenCate Advanced Composites North America (Morgan Hill, CA, US), a global composite materials company for space and aerospace applications, announced a partnership with Abaris Training Resources (Reno, NV, US), in which Abaris will utilize the trademarked TenCate AmberTool tooling prepreg portfolio, including TenCate's exclusive trademarked 3M Fortified Tooling Prepregs (FTP), in Abaris' tooling design and fabrication educational workshops.

This partnership will provide Abaris' students with an opportunity for hands-on experience with one of the fastest growing tooling composite materials in the industry today. Joe Johnson, tooling product manager at TenCate, states "This is an excellent partnership at the right time. The tooling prepregs of today, along with the modern processes used to manufacture tools, have reached a level where composite tooling represents the first choice for composite fabricators. Abaris' expertise in training and depth of experience ensures that composite tool builders of tomorrow will be equipped for success."

Composite tooling provides part builders with a variety of advantages over heavier steel tooling including matched CTEs, lighter weight, lower cost fabrication and rapid build times. Michael Hoke, Abaris president says "Abaris is delighted with the cooperative effort with TenCate in helping to improve what we offer our students in our tooling mold fabrication classes."


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