787 first flight may take place February 2008

Flightglobal.com affiliate Flightblogger reported on Nov. 15 that Boeing is still planning on the first flight of the 787 to occur sometime in February. The photo image is from the Flightblogger article.

The Boeing Co.’s (Seattle, Wash.) first 787 - Dreamliner One - is tentatively scheduled to pass the power-on milestone in late January and be flight-ready by late February, Flightglobal.com affiliate Flightblogger reports.

In mid-October, Boeing delayed first flight of the 787 from mid-November to the first quarter of 2008 and first delivery from May 2008 to late November to late December 2008. The cause of the delays was attributed to a supply chain shortages and the amount of travelled work on the first airframe.

Information: Flightblogger report, click here.