4M production line site selection underway

The company has short-listed Tennessee and Georgia as possible sites for its carbon fiber product demonstration line using advanced atmospheric plasma oxidation.

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4M Carbon Fiber Corp. (Knoxville, TN, US) announced May 18 it is making progress on selection of the site for its carbon fiber product demonstration line using advanced atmospheric plasma oxidation. The site selection team is also evaluating sites for the first six to eight production lines. Selection criteria has been defined, and two regions within Tennessee and Georgia have been narrowed for additional analysis.

4M engaged a consultant to support site identification and evaluation in Tennessee and is evaluating options in Georgia. CEO Rob Klawonn says, “Based on my past experience, I am sure that we can select a manufacturing site in the coming months and initiate activities in early 2019.”  The six lines and the product demonstration line are expected to create about 400 high-quality jobs and include an investment of more than $600M in the next six to eight years.