4M Carbon Fiber employs plasma oxidation technology to produce carbon fiber

Woodland Holdings plans to change its company name to 4M Carbon Fiber and produce low-cost, high-quality carbon fiber using plasma oxidation.

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Woodland Holdings Corp. (Knoxville, TN, US) announced Feb. 21 that it has filed an amendment with the Delaware Secretary of State to change the name of the company to 4M Carbon Fiber Corp. in order to better reflect the exciting potential of the technology. The name change will be effective upon acceptance of the amendment by the Delaware Secretary of State. The company also announced a strategic pivot to make and sell high quality low-cost carbon fiber using plasma oxidation technology as opposed to licensing the technology.

Rodney Grubb, chairman and COO, says, "We strongly believe the strategic pivot provides us the ability to take full advantage of the technology and is in line with our vision of revolutionizing the carbon fiber industry."

"The best way to extract the economic and technical value from the technology is to build carbon fiber production lines. 4M is unwavering in executing our plan for commercialization and is dedicated to providing long term shareholder value," adds Josh Kimmel, CEO.

Interest continues to grow from the carbon fiber industry as 4M prepares to deploy its proprietary plasma oxidation technology to meet the growing demand for carbon fiber. 4M claims that compared to conventional oxidation, plasma oxidation is 3 times faster, uses less than one third the energy. These claims have been validated by multiple international carbon fiber producers and the company is in discussions with several of the world's largest carbon fiber makers and automakers to participate as the launch partner for the production of low cost carbon fiber.