3B, Nanocyl will develop nano-sized glass fibers

3B will integrate Nanocyl's SIZICYL nano-based sizing agent into its fiberglass products.

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Carbon fiber nanotube (CNT) manufacturer Nanocyl (Sambreville, Belgium) on March 9 announced that it has reached an agreement with 3B (Brussels, Belgium) for the joint development of glass fibers treated with CNT-based sizing for the thermoplastic and structural composite markets.

In the agreement, 3B-Fibreglass, a manufacturer of fiberglass products for the reinforcement of thermoplastics and thermosets, is producing glass fibers which have sizing that integrates SIZICYL, Nanocyl's CNT-sizing agent, which is designed to improve the mechanical and electrical properties of composite materials.

The new CNT glass fibers will provide electrical conductivity and improve the fiber's shear, impact and delamination properties, enabling development of next-generation composite materials.

"We look forward to creating an exciting new technology with 3B," said Francis Massin, CEO of Nanocyl. "3B is a dynamic company, and has a unique technical expertise in developing fiberglass reinforcement products that are truly innovative."

"Nanocyl leads the CNT industry with the most conductive carbon nanotubes," said Hugues Jacquemin, CEO of 3B. "We believe the new CNT glass fibers will help OEMs produce new composite materials that perform better at a lower total cost."