Composite Recycling Technology Center to receive $712K in funding

New economic impact report projects center will create more than 300 jobs.

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The Port of Port Angeles’ Composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC, Port Angeles, WA) will receive $712,000 in matching funds from the state to help secure federal funding from the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA). The Port has offered up to $1.28 million in matching funds to the EDA in support of this project. In addition, the Port has applied for Opportunity Funds from Clallam County to be used as match. These combined sources will support the $4 million in infrastructure necessary to complete the building that will house the recycling center and Peninsula College’s Advanced Manufacturing ­Composite Technology training program.

The CRTC will develop a reprocessing center to convert composite waste streams into useful products to create jobs and income while reducing negative environmental impact. For example, Peninsula College students have been making I­beams in their classroom lab, and these could be utilized for applications such as solar panel mounts. The CRTC is a joint project of the Port of Port Angeles, the City of Port Angeles, Clallam County and Peninsula College, with significant involvement from industry, workforce training and research partners across the US.

“The recycling center offers a unique opportunity for our community. The CRTC project is already starting to establish Clallam County’s as a global leader in carbon fiber composite recycling. Once we cut the ribbon on this state of the art facility, that leadership role will continue to grow,” said Jennifer States, the Port’s director of business development.

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