Composites lighten load in Korean all-electric bus

Cray Valley's epoxy prepregs are used in body and interior components of HFG/Hyundai Heavy Industries bus.

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Cray Valley (Paris, France) has announced that the Korean company HFG has developed an electric bus in cooperation with Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. The bus is being use in Seoul, South Korea.

The battery system can run 120 km after a 20-minute instant battery charge. This performance has been achieved thanks to the extensive use of composite materials. Cray Valley epoxy prepregs have been used for body parts, and most of interior parts are made from EPOVIA flame-retardant vinyl ester in combination with ARMORCOTE/POLYCOR gelcoat.

By adopting carbon-epoxy prepreg as car-body and fire-retardant vinyl ester GRP as interior parts, total weight is 25 percent less than conventional buses.