“Future Materials” is a hands-on exhibit at the center of the IBEX Composites Pavilion and curated by editors from Professional BoatBuilder and CompositesWorld magazines. It offers a collection of new materials, processes, and technologies gathered from a wide variety of sources including marine, aerospace, and automotive industries, plus some applied academic research and development.

“The goal for the Future Materials exhibit is to present a mix of innovative near-term practical applications for boatbuilders as well as ideas to inspire novel solutions to present and future challenges in composites design, fabrication, end-use marketing, recycling, and repair. It has been eye-opening and inspiring to focus Composites World’s broad knowledge of new composites technologies and trends toward the unique needs of boat designers and builders at IBEX. I think the potential in some of these advancements will surprise even experienced marine composites techs.”
—Aaron Porter, editor of Professional BoatBuilder magazine

Contact Aaron Porter or Ginger Gardiner for more information.