ROVICORE™ – the leading Closed Mold Solution

ROVICORE is Chomarat’s range of Core Material. It is a reinforcement made with a synthetic non-woven core and chopped glass fibers mechanically stitched together. It can be used for all Closed Mold process needs.

Chomarat is the leading pioneer in creating ROVICORE reinforcement more than 20 years ago.


  • Easy to form in angles and more complex shapes. Time and Labor savings.
  • Adaptable thickness.
  • Core resilience and compressibility. To adapt to the different thicknesses of parts.
  • Good surface aspect.
  • High permeability of the synthetic core.
  • Lack of chemical binder for a good impregnation of the

Because of its versatility, the ROVICORE line can be used to make a wide array of composite parts:

  • With sandwich areas: single-sided ROVICORE.
  • When a good surface aspect is needed: ROVICORE Aspect.
  • When high mechanical performance is needed: ROVICORE PLY and COREGLASS™

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