C-PLY™ – a Design & Manufacturing Game Changer

C-PLY carbon NCF reinforcement

C-PLY is a leading edge carbon NCF reinforcement with structural design benefits, premium surface quality and overall parts cost savings.

C-PLY is a multiaxial carbon fiber reinforcement assembled as an NCF, (non-crimp fabric), in which multiple layers of unidirectional fibers are placed at specific angles. The combined layers are then stitched together. C-PLY™ is developed using the most advanced technology and tow spreading process.

C-PLY is comprised of unidirectional or multidirectional stitched plies from 50 gsm to 600 gsm / ply. Carbon tows used are 12, 24, 48, 50 K in HS (High Strength), IM (Intermediate Modulus) or HM (High Modulus)



  • Gap free technology, no resin rich areas.
  • Non-Crimp Fabric, better mechanical properties.
  • Optimization of layer construction, cost savings.

More information: https://composites.chomarat.com/en/brand/c-ply/

Success stories:

C-PLY for Backpack Frame

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