T hermoply™ Commingled E-Glass / Polypropylene Woven & Stitch-Bonded Biaxial 
Continuous reinforcement fiber thermoplastic composites offer many desirable attributes including specific high strength & modulus, damage tolerance, recyclability, and potential for high volume production. .
Vectorply Corporation is pleased to introduce the latest product addition to the VectorUltra line of advanced composite reinforcements. 

Case History: Helping Scout Boats Build Their First Epoxy-Infused Hull
Vectorply’s Road to Optimization helped Scout meet critical weight reduction and high cosmetic appeal goals for their new 42 ft. luxury sportfisher.



Using Closed Mold to Shrink the Mold Building Timeline
FRP mold building that took two weeks to complete can now be done in a day, thanks to VectorFusion™ reinforcement and CCP OptiPLUS™ resin.


Increased Shear and Torsion with VectorUltra Reinforcements
Learn about the advantages of using VectorUltra™ carbon fiber double bias reinforcement fabrics in closed mold applications


Infusion success starts with “R2O”
Vectorply’s “Road to Optimization” crucial in Cruisers Yachts 390 Express Coupe infusion


Impact Delamination Reduction of Multiaxial Carbon Fiber Composites Using Interleaved “Micromesh™” Polyamide Veils
Learn about how excessive damage due to impact events can severely limit the use of carbon fiber composites in high performance applications.