Key Products for Closed Molding

The Closed Mold Alliance works with the industry's leading suppliers of closed mold products. Read about their latest new product developments and find out how you can put them to work for your business:

Process Materials

Aerovac Process Materials
Solvay Process Materials is now Aerovac! Acquired by Composites One, the leader in composites materials supply, Aerovac is the complete vacuum bagging and process materials supplier.


The Good, Better, Best Approach for RTM Processes
The Good, Better, Best approach to picking the proper peroxide for RTM applications is a matter of matching up basic chemical properties with the size and thickness of the profile to be made.


Sandwich Cores for Closed Molding
Sandwich laminates are defined as a layered material with two thin, stiff, and high-strength outer faces bonded to a thick and low-weight core material.


Injection Systems for Closed Molding
MVP offers a variety of injection systems that can help composites manufacturers make a seamless transition from open molding to more efficient closed molding processes.


Case Study: Closed Mold Innovations for the Agricultural Market
By thinking like farmers, Plastics Unlimited is using closed mold processes to create the next generation of agricultural products.


Thermoply™ Commingled E-Glass / Polypropylene Woven & Stitch-Bonded Biaxial 
Continuous reinforcement fiber thermoplastic composites offer many desirable attributes including specific high strength & modulus, damage tolerance, recyclability, and potential for high volume production. .
Vectorply Corporation is pleased to introduce the latest product addition to the VectorUltra line of advanced composite reinforcements. 
High Performance Reinforcements from the Chomarat Group
The Chomarat Group offers a wide range of high-performance fibers ideal for closed molding applications. Our new videos give you a glimpse of our capabilities.

Mold Release

Use the Tape Test to Maximize Throughput in your Closed Molding Process
Due to government regulations and competition among fabricators, switching from traditional open mold processing to vacuum infusion has become increasingly prevalent.


3M Wind Protection Tapes
Closed molding is now being used in a variety of industries to produce a wide range of parts, including high performance wind blades. Protect blades from wear and tear with Wind Protection Tapes from 3M.