Using NC Program Simulation to Improve Inspection of Automated Fiber Placement

Inspecting to ensure the process is correct is common in any manufacturing endeavor. But it should not be the inspector’s job to ensure the manufactured result meets engineering requirements. Attempting to meet this requirement creates additional time-consuming inspection steps that should not be done in the workshop. Today it is possible to use software to virtually validate a simulated layup created directly from the AFP NC program to ensure that it meets engineering requirements. This frees the workshop inspector to verify the process. This session will discuss how AFP layup simulation works, some of the layup features that can be inspected, and how this can help improve inspection efficiency in the workshop. Primary topics (what the registrant will learn):

  • How AFP layup simulation directly from an AFP NC program works.
  • Discover some of the layup features that can be inspected.
  • See how inspection efficiency can be improved in the workshop.