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CW’s editors are tracking the latest trends and developments in tooling, from the basics to new developments. This collection, presented by Composites One, features four recent CW stories that detail a range of tooling technologies, processes and materials.

Part One: “Big additive machines tackle large molds,” CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan discusses the use of large-format additive manufacturing systems for producing production-ready molds quickly and affordably.

Part Two: “Cutting the cost and time of tooling for composites,” CW senior editor Ginger Gardiner introduces a chopped carbon fiber/PA66 material set to achieve CFRP/Invar tool performance with less investment.

Part Three: “DYNAPIXEL: automated, reconfigurable molds,” CW senior editor Ginger Gardiner writes of a CAD-driven system that cuts time for design iterations and enables cost-effective customized jigs and molded parts.

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Learn the fundamentals of Tooling in CW’s Closed Molding Knowledge Center from Composites One.

Presented by Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance, the Closed Molding Knowledge Center not only provides a wealth of information on closed mold processes, but also can provide manufacturers a good starting point when it comes to composite tooling. 

With expert explanations and video demonstrations, this information resource will be of value to current users and newcomers alike.

Topics covered include:

  • Exclusively Authorized Distributor–Solvay Tooling Prepreg 
  • Closed Mold Tooling 
  • High Temperature Tooling 
  • Educational Opportunities 
  • Industry Resources 

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