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Thermoplastics have been used in composite parts and structures since the late 1960s, but new materials and processes, and demand from the commercial aerospace industry for faster-processing materials, are pushing thermoplastic composites for primary aerostructures to the forefront of the composites manufacturing world.

CW’s editors are tracking the latest trends and developments in thermoplastic composites. What follows is a collection of four recent CW features that detail the basics, challenges, and future of thermoplastic composites technology, with particular emphasis on their use for commercial aerospace primary structures.

Featured Stories

I want to say two words to you: “Thermoplastic tapes”
Thermoplastic tapes are not new to composites, but they soon will join the primary aerostructures material palette and could be their future.

PEEK or PEKK in future TPC aerostructures?
Which is better for in-situ consolidated thermoplastic composite primary structures? Materials play a part as to whether a one-step or two-step process will prevail.

PEEK vs. PEKK vs. PAEK and Continuous Compression Molding
Suppliers of thermoplastics and carbon fiber chime in regarding PEEK vs. PEKK, and now PAEK, as well as in-situ consolidation — the supply chain for thermoplastic tape composites continues to evolve.

Thermoplastic composites: Poised to step forward
The evolving role of thermoplastic materials and processes and their future in next-generation commercial aircraft.

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