Carbon fiber-reinforced concrete accelerates in Germany

TU Dresden and C3 – Carbon Concrete Composite demonstrator aims to reduce concrete material use by 50% and CO2 emissions by up to 70%; Hitexbau touts high-volume automated production for carbon fiber textile grids.

Toray reduces carbon fiber and prepreg production

Toray will suspend operations in Spartanburg, S.C., U.S., and reduce prepreg capacity in Tacoma, Wash., U.S.


Kitty Hawk ends eVTOL Flyer aircraft program

Designed with composite materials, the eVTOL aircraft was a major milestone for urban air mobility. 


Germany's aerodyn launches rotor blade for 11-15 MW turbines

The rotor blade boasts CFRP-GFRP spar caps, a 128-meter rotor diameter, an adjustable design and more. 

Carbon Fibers

New automotive company introduces carbon fiber two-seater sportscar

Part of Formula One supplier Mulholland Group, U.K.-based Mulholland Automotive has designed its own carbon fiber-intensive sportscar for light weight and aesthetics.


Siemens Gamesa launches 14-MW offshore direct drive turbine

The SG 14-222 DD wind turbine 108-meter blades, a lightweight nacelle and more.   


VoltAero unveils new hybrid-electric aircraft

France-based VoltAero will offer its Cassio hybrid-electric aircraft in three versions, starting with the Cassio 330. Flight testing has begun and first deliveries are expected by the end of 2022. 


Strata's workforce leaders share perspectives on women in manufacturing

UAE-based aerostructures manufacturer Strata Manufacturing prides itself on providing opportunities for its multinational, female-dominant workforce.


JEC Group announces 2020 Innovation Awards winners

The 13 winners were announced during a virtual ceremony on May 13.


Boeing announces first unmanned Loyal Wingman defense aircraft

The first of three prototypes, the Loyal Wingman’s artificial intelligence application and its use of composites soars above the milestone set for unmanned aircraft.


Airbus CEO outlines short- and long-term goals

Guillaume Faury says recovery of commercial passenger air travel is coming, and he wants to position Airbus to be ready to serve when that day arrives. 


Third patent issued for flexible thermoplastic prepreg

Technology enabling wider tapes and easier weaving/braiding for void-free laminates now offered by Precept One LLC


Composites fare well at 2020 PACE Awards

This year’s automotive supplier award winners included composite bumper beam, liftgate and pickup box applications.  

Carbon Fibers

4M demonstrates large-diameter carbon fiber production

4M Carbon Fiber, working with textile-grade polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor producer Dralon GbmH, has used its plasma oxidation technology to manufacture large-diameter carbon fiber.

Carbon Fibers

Graphene-reinforced carbon fibers may offer path to stronger, cheaper composites

Graphene (0.075 weight %) added to PAN precursor exhibited 225% increase in carbon fiber tensile strength and 184% increase in modulus.


National Composites Centre leads dismantlable joints research

Adhesive additive technology is reported to make composite parts easier to dismantle, maintain and recycle.

Carbon Fibers

CSIRO: Developing higher-quality, higher-strength, lower-cost carbon fibers

SIROPAN precursor aims for >20% increase in carbon fiber properties with increased control via RAFT polymerization, FLOW processing and novel metrology.


Polypropylene honeycomb lightens, strengthens automotive panels

Polypropylene honeycomb cores from ThermHex are used by Brazilian OEM DPA Moldados to make the trunk floor of the Hyundai Creta ix25.

Compression Molding

Welded thermoplastic composite keel beam demonstrator achieved

EURECAT and partner companies complete Clean Sky 2 KEELBEMAN project, demonstrating TRL3 primary structure technology for future aircraft.


Composite Advantage ships FRP camels to U.S. Naval base in Guam

Low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant fiber-reinforced polymer flotation structures solve infrastructure maintenance issues for a U.S. Navy base.


Toyota and Hino agree to develop heavy-duty fuel cell truck using composite storage tanks

Type IV tanks will help provide 600-kilometer range and meet commercial vehicle requirements


Kanfit coping with COVID-19 and managing growth using Composites 4.0 systems

Bluetooth sensors and AI track parts and tools, save time and suggest production line improvements.


Teijin's Sereebo CFRTP adopted for 4K video cameras

Carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics add strength, reduce weight for Panasonic camera components.


Tepex reinforces child seat headrest demonstrator

Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics and a new PCIM-based production process demonstrate potential for lightweight structural safety components.