Airline safety center departs Sandia Labs for WSU-NIAR

The 30-year Federal Aviation Administration Airworthiness Assurance Center (AANC) program is to combine its knowledge of structural repair, advanced materials and other technologies with a long-standing FAA center at WSU.


German composite specialist INVENT collaborates in SUSTAINair for increased aircraft circularity

Three-and-a-half-year, 11-partner EU project will include metals and composites spanning design, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, assembly and recycling.

Compression Molding

Shift2Rail issues call for molding tools to produce composite door, interiors demonstrators

Tenders for molding tools in EU project to manufacture composites using compression molding process or equivalent due by April 22, 2021.

Mass Transit

INVENT GmbH demonstrates sensor network for structural monitoring on composite railcar structures

Patented DuraAct technology uses piezo-ceramics to detect damage in Deutsche Bahn train side skirts as part of faWaSiS research project.

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