GE Renewable Energy to open new offshore wind blade manufacturing plant 

The facility, located in Teesside, U.K., will address the U.K.’s offshore wind market needs and facilitate production of 107-meter-long blades beginning in 2023.


DecomBlades consortium awarded funding for a cross-sector wind turbine blade recycling project

A 10-partner consortium has received funding for a three-year R&D project aiming at commercialization of sustainable techniques for recycling wind blades.  


GE to supply 14-MW Haliade-X wind turbines to Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Confirmed as the supplier for all three of the U.K. offshore wind farm’s phases, GE will begin installing its most powerful, 14-MW turbine variants in 2025.


GE announces U.S. blade recycling contract with Veolia

Decommissioned composite wind turbine blades will be recycled into cement production to replace raw material needs, while still enabling a net-positive environmental impact.

Carbon Fibers

GE launches Cypress 6.0-164 onshore wind turbine

GE’s most powerful onshore wind turbine available, features two-piece carbon fiber blade for flexible logistic solutions, increases annual energy production by 11%.


GE finalizes supply contract for Haliade-X 13 MW variant

The Dogger Bank wind farm will comprise of 190 units of the 13 MW Haliade-X wind turbine, due for completion by 2026. 


GE rolls out first turbine nacelle for 480 MW offshore wind farm

Run by consortium partners EDF Renewables, Enbridge and GE Renewable Energy, the offshore wind farm project will be comprised of 80 wind turbines to be installed by 2022.


LM Wind Power to close Little Rock wind blade plant

Production to consolidate in North Dakota facility as industry moves toward bigger blades.

Composites 2020: A Multitude of Markets

The manufacturing world likes to think of composites fabrication as a single, global entity that operates to serve its customers’ needs with a variety of highly engineered parts and structures.


GE Haliade-X wind turbines to be used by Dogger Bank Wind Farms

Dogger Bank Wind Farms plans to develop the largest offshore wind farm in the world, off the coast of the U.K.


LM Wind Power manufactures longest wind turbine blade

The 107-meter-long blade has been designed for GE’s Haliade-X 12-megawatt offshore wind turbine.


GE installs its largest onshore wind turbine prototype

The company’s Cypress 5.3-megawatt prototype, installed in Wieringermeer, Netherlands, features a two-piece blade design and is said to enable larger rotors and versatility in locations.


GE to test Haliade-X 12-MW wind turbine prototype

The Haliade-X 12 MW prototype will be installed in Rotterdam, The Netherlands where data will be collected with the aim of obtaining Type Certification.


CW's top 10 posts of 2018

The top 10 most viewed articles on the CompositesWorld website in 2018.


LM Wind Power opens new development facility for wind turbine blade technology

The new Technology Center Americas facility will develop and test new techniques for designing and building wind turbine blades.


LM Wind Power to supply wind turbine blades for Goldwind 3-4 MW onshore platform

The agreement covers three variants and includes 66.9- and 69.0-m blade lengths.

Carbon Fibers

GE launches onshore wind turbine with two-piece carbon fiber blades

The Cypress wind turbine platform features a revolutionary two-piece carbon blade design, enabling blades to be manufactured at even longer lengths.


LM Wind Power installs 66.6 m blades on 4MW offshore wind turbine in China

The installation is the first in a two-year agreement with Shanghai Electric Wind Power for LM 66.6 blade sets.


Winds of change?

Recently there have been a few rumblings about offshore wind farms in the United States with potential project developments on both East and West coasts.


Wind blade spar caps: Pultruded to perfection?

Introduced to the market about five years ago, pultruded, carbon fiber-reinforced spar caps, incorporated as the reinforcing member of wind turbine rotor blades, are a byproduct of the evolution and increasing technological sophistication of the global wind energy industry.


Service & repair: Optimizing wind power’s grid impact

As wind farms surge into the electrical mainstream, a fast-growing industry works to maximize the service lives of the composite blades that harvest the power of the wind.


GE to develop largest, most powerful wind turbine

The Haliade-X will feature a 12 MW direct drive generator and 107m-long blades.

Advancing technology in a multinational world

What collaborative scenarios can we create that leverage assets in multiple countries and get to solutions faster?


Carbon/glass spar cap enables world’s longest wind blade

LM Wind Power goes long with a resin-infused hybrid carbon composite strategy.   

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