ECOFUNEL program develops thermoplastic compound with increased electrical conductivity

Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic shows eight times more electrical conductivity as compared to the reference material with only a 20% decrease in mechanical properties.


Clean Sky 2 study emphasizes need for hydrogen-powered aviation development

Independent study found hydrogen as primary energy source for aircraft propulsion, outlines roadmap and required policy actions for hydrogen aviation, fuel cell technology development.


Composites and 3D printing could boost Europe's SAT manufacturing capabilities for the 2030s

Clean Sky 2 SAT-AM project targets 4-hour, door-to-door mobility and reduced manufacturing, maintenance costs for 4-19 passenger, Small Air Transport.


Clean Sky 2 SHERLOC project advances SHM for composites

New video shows goals, framework, sensors and tests for more affordable, smart composite fuselage


Manufacturing the upper half of the Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator (MFFD)

Proving industrial reliability for low-cost thermoplastic composites production using AFP in-situ consolidation, as well as continuous ultrasonic and resistance welding.


Multilayer thermoplastic tapes, AFP and resin infusion for more democratic composites

Novotech advances new materials and more affordable automated processes for small aircraft and beyond


Clean Sky 2 IMCOLOR project develops integrated manufacturing process for lightweight product design

Multi-shot injection molding process and thermoplastic automated fiber placements with in-situ consolidation for automated, easy-to-reproduce parts that perform at high mechanical levels.


Clean Sky 2 DEFLECT project develops multifunctional composite panels for electronics enclosures

Four panels integrating mechanical and electrical elements such as connectors, wires and busbars into aerostructures offer solutions for greener aircraft.


The markets: Aerospace (2021)

The coronavirus pandemic, a once-in-a-millennia global catastrophe, has depressed commercial air travel in unprecedented and disastrous ways. Implications start with the airlines themselves and trickle down to major airframers and the entire tier structure of the aerospace supply chain.


Clean Sky 2 announces program updates

Clean Sky 2 highlights several ongoing and recently completed composites-related projects including a small aircraft ground cabin demo, simulation tools and a CMC inter turbine duct. 


Moving forward on the Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator (MFFD)

Clean Sky 2’s MFFD program continues to move toward its goal of delivering a welded, thermoplastic composite fuselage demonstrator using next-generation manufacturing processes.

Energy Storage

Carbon fiber in pressure vessels for hydrogen

The emerging H2 economy drives tank development for aircraft, ships and gas transport.


Aimplas SPARTA project focuses on recycling composite material methods

The SPARTA project will aim to find more efficient methods of recycling and reprocessing composite thermoplastic materials that reduce the aerospace industry’s overall waste.


FRAMES: Full-scale thermoplastic composite aircraft rear-end demonstrator

Clean Sky 2 project led by ESTIA-Compositadour will develop enabling technologies for optimum rear fuselage and empennage.


Aimplas project develops biocomposite recycling methods

The ELIOT project, with the participation of the Dutch research center TNO, is developing recycling methods to improve sustainability in the aerospace industry.

Additive Manufacturing

3D printing CFRP molds for RTM flaperon, exoskeletons and more

The Chair of Carbon Composites at TU Munich is advancing composite additive manufacturing via large-scale extrusion, continuous fiber printing, integrating heating into tools and more.


European Commission issues call for clean aviation partnerships

Accepting proposals targeting hybrid electric and hydrogen-powered aircraft in 2 demonstration programs to deliver impact by 2030.


Leonardo and CETMA: disrupting composites for lower cost and environmental impact

Italian OEM and tier supplier Leonardo works with CETMA R&D to develop new composite materials, machines and processes, including induction welding for in-situ consolidation of thermoplastic composites.


Reading tea leaves: The outlook for aerospace

The coronavirus pandemic promises to wreak havoc on the aerospace composites supply chain, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about how a post-pandemic commercial aerospace market will evolve.


Clean Sky 2 program highlights NEWCORT and DIMES project

The projects focus on technologies that can detect pre-existing damage and improve composite repairs for next-generation aircraft. 


CFIP reinforces material with continuous carbon fibers post-process.

Continuous Fiber Injection Process (CFIP) technology works with additive manufacturing to strengthen plastics, metals and ceramics, creating complex-shaped-composites and high-strength joints.  


Clean Sky 2 program publishes 2019 report

Clean Sky’s 2019 report highlights innovative technologies like a thermoplastic fuselage barrel, digitization of aircraft maintenance and more. 

Carbon Fibers

New ice protection for composite aircraft wings from Clean Sky 2 program

EU-funded research is developing technology to meet deicing challenge with lower power consumption, greater efficiency and lower system weight.


Welded thermoplastic composite keel beam demonstrator achieved

EURECAT and partner companies complete Clean Sky 2 KEELBEMAN project, demonstrating TRL3 primary structure technology for future aircraft.

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