Carbon Fibers

NAWA Technologies develops U.S. subsidiary to extend VACNT application scope

NAWA America’s immediate focus is to bring NAWAStitch to mass market, a thin film containing trillions of VACNT arranged perpendicular to the carbon fiber layers to reinforce the weakest part of a composite.


Nanocyl SA, ChemSpec NA enter into distribution agreement

The distribution agreement involves the promotion and distribution of Nanocyl’s multiwall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) products.


OCSiAl upgrades REACH registration for single wall carbon nanotubes

The supplier says it is now able to commercialize up to 100 metric tonnes of its TUBALL graphene nanotubes per year in Europe.

Carbon Fibers

Graphene-reinforced carbon fibers may offer path to stronger, cheaper composites

Graphene (0.075 weight %) added to PAN precursor exhibited 225% increase in carbon fiber tensile strength and 184% increase in modulus.


Huntsman epoxy, polyurethane resins designed for aero, auto, wind

Huntsman Advanced Materials is showcasing applications of its resin systems for the automotive, aerospace, wind energy markets.


Toray uses carbon nanotube composites for ultra-high frequency communication

Toray says that its ultra-high frequency (UHF) printed radio-frequency identifier (RFID) has potential application in retail and logistics operations.


Researchers develop carbon nanotube heat shield

A team of researchers from Florida State University is developing a design for for a carbon nanotube-based heat shield for use on satellites, rockets and jet aircraft.

RTP Co. expands line of conductive compounds

RTP Co.’s CCX Conductive Masterbatches can be formulated with carbon nanotubes, carbon black, stainless steel fiber or dissipative polymer technology.


Nanomaterials: Products, supply chain mature for next-gen composites

Development spans 3D and thermoplastic nanocomposites, nano-CMCs for hypersonics and nanomaterials safety and toxicity.


Withstanding fire without the weight

New composites meet stringent fire requirements while lightweighting ships, rail cars and battery boxes for electric cars and planes.

Carbon Fibers

Energy storage in multifunctional carbon fiber composites

A need for lightweight energy storage technology is fueling the development of carbon fiber composite materials for car batteries and other electronics.

Mass Transit

AVK presents its 2018 Innovation Awards

The 2018 AVK Innovation Awards were presented at the International Composites Congress (ICC) on Nov 5, chosen from more than 50 submissions.


CAMX 2018: Second look, more new developments

Curved pultrusion for automotive, Smart Susceptors for primary structure repairs and Huntsman advances leaf springs for trucks, carbon wheels for automotive, “thin-ply” ailerons with Airbus and Nanocomp Technologies.


NASA project looks to carbon nanotube composite materials

The Super-lightweight Aerospace Composites (SAC) project seeks to scale up the manufacturing and use of carbon nanotube composite materials for rockets and spacecraft.


CAMX 2018 preview: Stat Peel

Stat Peel Inc. (Sandy, Utah, US; Glarus, Switzerland) is exhibiting its nanofiber detection system, the Identifier C1.

Aalto University researchers develop technique for creating colored carbon nanotube films

The team’s method uses aerosols of metal and carbon to carefully manipulate and control the nanotube structure directly from the fabrication process.


New composite material lowers temp of EV dashboard

Composites may have new function as phase change materials (PCMs) for managing electric vehicle temperature and range.


Carbon nanotube composite coatings used to create smart textiles

Fabric coated with electrically conductive carbon nanotube composite technology could be used in future smart garments that measure human motion. 


NanoStitch update: 60-inch wide sheet, industrial capacity, dramatic test results

N12 Technologies adds second facility in Boston and capacity at UDRI in Ohio while amassing knowledge to prevent microcracking and delamination in applications from sporting goods to aerospace.

Carbon Fibers

Toho Tenax hybrid prepreg combines carbon fiber, CNT

New high-tensile, highly shock-resistant prepreg incorporates carbon fiber developed for aerospace applications and specialized carbon nanotubes.


CW Talks: Talking carbon nanotubes

CW Talks: The Composites Podcast, checks in with Joe Sprengard, president and CEO of General Nano, a manufacturer of carbon nanotube products for composites manufacturing, and 2016 winner of Boeing Supplier of the Year Award.


CAMX 2017: Highlights from the floor

3D printing and nanotechnology developments promise to cut time and cost in composite structures production while recycling and sustainability continue to grow in importance.


Graphene and CNTs: Commercialization after the hype

Graphene and CNT applications within the advanced composites sector are still at a relatively early stage of the commercialization process, but as the availability of materials or dispersions of consistent quality has increased, a number of composite materials and components are starting to incorporate these nanomaterials.

Carbon Fibers

NASA exploring using carbon nanotube for aerospace applications

NASA worked with Nanocomp to produce carbon nanotube (CNT) fibers to fabricate a carbon nanotube Composite Overwrap Pressure Vessel.

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