Increasing demand for composite driveshafts leads to automated production

California-based fabricator ACPT Inc. worked with machine suppliers to build an innovative semi-automated production line featuring an automated filament winder.
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Composites as auto-body reinforcements

Hybrid structural-reinforcement technology expands options, gains applications, markets.
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Wing of Tomorrow ribs: One-shot, thermoplastic, OOA consolidation

GKN Aerospace’s carbon fiber thermoplastic aircraft rib design accomplishes 45-minute cycle times, reduced weight and competitive costs via a customized press system.
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Glass Fibers

Glass fiber and phenolic prove their mettle in camshaft module

Replacing aluminum, a fiberglass/phenolic module reduces mass and NVH in a prototype structure and speeds assembly line installation.


Automated weaving system targets high-performance, high-volume applications

Startup WEAV3D Inc.’s technology produces highly tunable, woven lattice reinforcements for cost-effective, high-volume automotive composites and precast concrete applications.
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Tow steering, Part 3: The birth of tow shearing

In-plane shearing of tows, versus in-plane bending of tows, hopes to take automated fiber placement directionality to new levels. 

Carbon Fibers

Thermoplastic tapes reinforced with textile-based PAN carbon fiber

IACMI project trials inline production of thermoplastic tapes reinforced with textile-based PAN carbon fiber. 
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Invar, wire additive manufacturing expand aerocomposite tooling options

Invar facesheets and backing structures are candidates for large-format 3D printing to more quickly and efficiently produce aerostructures tooling.
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Composites design helps nano-sized lunar rover hit big milestones

Developed by Carnegie Mellon University, the ultralight, composites-intensive Iris nano-rover will make its lunar debut later this year.
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Flexible carbon fiber plates enable high-performance footwear

Carbitex’s flexible carbon fiber/thermoplastic composite plates use creative engineering to eliminate design compromises in athletic footwear.


Bespoke process produces composite brake pedal every minute

Three composite materials are used to create structural composite member that meets demanding mechanical requirements.
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Additive Manufacturing

Hybrid, large-format additive tooling: Lighter, faster, less costly molds for big parts

Additively manufactured cores, CFRP face skins produce large tools for prototype, low-volume aerostructure parts.
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Leveraging towpreg to reduce the cost of CMC

High-denier, spread-tow Nextel 610 fiber and novel alumina matrix enable AFP production of Ox-Ox ceramic matrix composites.
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Graphene 101: Forms, properties and applications

Graphene-enhanced composites find new applications across end markets as the supply chain continues to mature. 


Vitrimers: The reprocessable thermoset

Vitrimers are not classic thermosets and they are not classic thermoplastics, but they behave like both and as such offer the best of both worlds. CW catches up with Mallinda for an explanation.


Data security in composites manufacturing

The U.S. Department of Defense is imposing new, strict rules on companies that supply composite parts and structures in a defense contract supply chain. Understanding and following those rules will not be trivial.

Composites fill the gaps in museum dinosaur skeletons

Ontario-based Research Casting International uses composites to build lightweight, durable dinosaur castings for museums around the world.
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The industrialization of thermoplastic epoxy

Fast-processing composites that are strong yet tough, thermoformable, reformable, recyclable and even FST-compliant save cost in aircraft and rail equipment.
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Carbon Fibers

Narrow UD tapes to bridge the ATL-AFP gap

Automated tape laying and automated fiber placement are similar, but not the same. Can narrow tapes provide a middle ground with advantages of both processes for next-gen aircraft?
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Composites speed concrete facade fabrication

The 45-story One South First building, on the 11-acre Domino Park campus in Brooklyn, N.Y., features a geometrically complex concrete facade made, in part, with composite molds fabricated using large-format additive manufacturing.
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