Recycling end-of-life composite parts: New methods, markets

From infrastructure solutions to consumer products, Polish recycler Anmet and Netherlands-based researchers are developing new methods for repurposing wind turbine blades and other composite parts.
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Lingrove launches Ekoa Surface Peel N’Stick and receives automotive orders

Natural fiber/bio-thermoplastic composite veneers meet sustainability and performance demands for multiple markets.
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Additive Manufacturing

Orbex secures $24 million funding round for U.K. space launch

New funding secures roadmap to first launch of composites-intensive Orbex Prime rocket from Sutherland spaceport in Scotland. 
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Teijin contributes to sustainability with infrastructure innovations

In light of climate change and increasingly aggressive environments, Teijin focuses on new, sustainable infrastructure technologies that will enable more adaptability.
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3A Composites promotes sustainability initiatives

The company passed its annual FSC review, ensuring responsible balsa wood management, and confirmed Baltek SBC as a carbon-neutral core material. 


CoreLite signs agreement for balsa wood supply

Balsa wood plantations will be planted and harvested throughout the Los Rios Province over a five-year period, bringing technological development, jobs and restoration of the ecosystem.


Maine, U.K. sign agreement to advance offshore wind cooperation

The commitment outlines strengthening offshore wind and green hydrogen supply chains via clean, innovative technologies to meet ambitious carbon neutrality goals and promote and foster sustainable growth.  
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Jushi 250,000-ton glass fiber facility begins operation

Base production lines surpass production expectations, setting a new benchmark for intelligent manufacturing in the glass fiber industry.


GE announces U.S. blade recycling contract with Veolia

Decommissioned composite wind turbine blades will be recycled into cement production to replace raw material needs, while still enabling a net-positive environmental impact.
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3D-printed prefab homes aim to disrupt construction market

California startup Mighty Buildings’ award-winning prefabricated building production process relies on large-format 3D printing, UV-curable resins, digital design and automation.
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Carbon Fibers

Innovate UK grants NCC £355k to help achieve net zero future

Funding will investigate how composite materials can best be used in final products, mitigation of their environmental impact and overall sustainability. 

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CSP fine-tunes CF-RTM process, launches production programs

The carbon fiber RTM press will be installed at the CSP facility in Palmela, Portugal in order to run the company's first commercial applications using this technology.
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The markets: Sports and recreation (2021)

The use of lightweight and high-performance composite materials in sports equipment continues to increase.
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Glass Fibers

The markets: Renewable energy (2021)

Wind energy continues to dominate in this segment and remains the world’s largest market for glass fiber-reinforced composites.
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Plastic Omnium aims for world leadership in hydrogen mobility

Aiming for revenue of around €300 million in the hydrogen mobility market by 2025 and €3 billion by 2030, Plastic Ominum will invest around €100 million a year to achieve these targets.

Carbon Fibers

Composite Recycling Technology Center launches recycled carbon fiber sports bench

The bench, launched with the remodel of a Washington-based aquatic center, is said to be durable and easy to clean for sports and aquatic facilities.

Carbon Fibers

South Korean carbon fiber recycling start-up scales up

With plans for growth, CATACK-H claims its solvolysis-based recycling process can reclaim high-quality fibers and resins from materials and finished parts.
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Composites UK announces 2020 industry award winners

Industry trade association Composites UK revealed the winners of its industry awards, which include Prodrive Composites, Cygnet Texkimp, Bitrez and more.

Natural Fibers

Teijin Aramid program produces bio-based, high-performance aramid fibers

The 2018 pilot program, in partnership with BioBTW, successfully produces Twaron yarn from bio-based aromatic materials without altering the material properties. 
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