Reversible multi-material adhesive bonds

Ferromagnetic nanoparticles in thermoplastic adhesives make it possible to debond and rebond adhesive joints, using electromagnetic energy.
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Carbon Fibers

Solvay acquires European Carbon Fiber GmbH

The strategic acquisition of European Carbon Fiber enables Solvay to develop a portfolio of large-tow carbon fibers to complement its existing range of pitch and PAN aerospace grade carbon fibers.
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Covestro composite material wins award

Covestro CFRTP (Pittsburgh, PA, US)  has developed a sophisticated composite technology that opens the door to a sustainable future for lightweight products, based on continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (CFRTP) in combination with a highly-efficient production method.
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Airlander targets tourist transport

The lighter-than-air, composites-intensive Airlander 10 will be outfitted for tourist travel to difficult-to-reach destinations.

Carbon Fibers

Coal as an avenue to low-cost carbon fibers

An update on efforts to produce pitch-based fibers from low-cost coal.
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Composites and Industry 4.0: Where are we?

As the tide of the Fourth Industrial Revolution rolls in, how will composite manufacturers ride the wave?
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Rotomolded cores: New options for sandwich composites

Permanent or removable, these hollow thermoplastic cores broaden industry offerings.  
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Gearing up for Carbon Fiber 2017

The 2017 Carbon Fiber conference, Nov. 28-30 in Charleston, SC, US, includes a tour of the Boeing South Carolina plant, a panel on carbon fiber recycling and a pre-conference seminar on carbon fiber in transportation and energy applications. 
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Choosing composite material testing methods

An initial step in selecting suitable test methods involves consulting the available test literature. 
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CAMX 2017 preview: C. A. Litzler

C. A. Litzler Co. Inc. (Cleveland, OH, US) is emphasizing its work on the design and manufacture of continuous process equipment for structural composites, carbon fiber production and industrial textiles.
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Glass Fibers

CAMX 2017 preview: Engineered Fibers Technology

Engineered Fibers Technology LLC (EFT, Shelton, CT, US) is exhibitign a range of its precision short-cut fibers with lengths of 0.10 mm to several centimeters.
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Carbon Fibers

Composite cases fuel commercial space venture

Launch vehicle supplier Orbital ATK is looking to break into the burgeoning commercial space market with a rocket motor that features an all-carbon fiber case.
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Glass Fibers

Composite musings

How do we generate pull from consumers rather than depend on push through builders and contractors?
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Report on the Windpower 2017 Conference & Expo

Topics include industry outlook as well as a focus on advancing blade technology to meet self-sustaining goals for wind power.
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Another opportunity to meet, and learn, in Paris

At the JEC World 2017, improvements in materials and processes were present at nearly every stand, with the emphasis on automotive-capable production speeds.
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SMC: Old dog, new tricks

A sheet molding compound renaissance highlights new reinforcements, new fillers, new matrices, new opportunities.
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In praise of technical service reps

Tech service representatives: without them, molding trials fail and manufacturing issues go unresolved.
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Carbon Fibers

Wet-spinning carbon fiber precursor begins in Australia

Australian R&D center CSIRO is working on wet-spinning polymers to produce precursors for carbon fiber. Polymers being used include polyacrylonitrile, cellulose, lignin and blends of these materials. Q&A with Derek Buckmaster.
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Glass Fibers

Class A composites: A history

Composites have made a lingering and increasingly positive impression in the for exterior automotive body panels.
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Carbon Fibers

Carbon composite driveshaft: Tailorable performance

This racing and aftermarket specialist designs and produces custom driveshafts for multiple markets.
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