Composite Advantage FRP sidewalk system used to replace aging pedestrian walkway

The company’s FiberSPAN-C panels are reportedly 80% lighter than reinforced concrete panels, and because the cantilevered sidewalk is prefabricated, construction is quicker.
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Carbon Fibers

The spread of spread tow

Advancing from “lighter and thinner” to boosting strength, stiffness, impact resistance and productivity, spread tow unlocks new applications and markets.
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Carbon Fibers

Fraunhofer presents melt-spinning technology for carbon fiber precursor manufacture

New ComCarbon PAN-based precursor technology will reportedly make it possible to produce carbon fibers at low cost for the mass market.
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Lineo by Stora Enso wins Bio-Based Product of the Year award

Lineo, a renewable replacement for oil-based phenolic materials, wins Product of the Year at the Bio-Based World News Innovation Awards 2018.


iComposite 4.0 — cutting composites cost by 50%

An intelligent, integrated process using 3D fiber spraying, inline inspections/simulation and embedded RFID chips to cut scrap and rejections for structural HP-RTM epoxy parts.
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Stora Enso launches renewable replacement for fossil-based materials

New bio-based lignin product from Stora Enso offers a sustainable alternative to oil-based phenolic materials.
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Additive Manufacturing

3D printing for a Bonneville run

As a former (amateur vintage) racer myself, I appreciate all things motorsports. CRP USA LLC (Mooresville, NC, US), the maker of Windform SLS 3D printing materials as well as provider of custom additive manufacturing and machining services, sent me a case study of a motorsports team that recently set a new class record at the Bonneville Salt Flats, thanks to the fast part production possible with 3D printing. 
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Compression Molding

SGL Group optimizes supply chain for composites

SGL’s takeover of former BENTELER and BMW JVs, plus sale of Kumpers JV, consolidates  the company’s CF activities while it broadens its composites technology portfolio.
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Consolidating thermoplastic composite aerostructures in place, Part 1

After more than 30 years of development, in-situ consolidation is nearing its promise to eliminate fasteners and the autoclave, and enable an integrated, multifunctional airframe.
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Thermoplastic composite demonstrators — EU roadmap for future airframes

There is a TPC development roadmap in Europe, supported by Airbus and a variety of aerospace consortia, and involving almost every major aerostructures supplier in Europe.
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Additive Manufacturing

3D-printed composite wind blades and aircraft, closer than you think

Orbital Composites’ patented coaxial extrusion process is investigated at Airbus subsidiary CTC GmbH Stade and spins off advances in speed, scale, materials and multifunctionality as it aims for very large structures.
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Spirit AeroSystems fabricates V-280 composite fuselage

Spirit Defense designed and built the fuselage in 22 months at the company's Rapid Prototype facility in Wichita, KS, US.
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CAMX 2017: Highlights from the floor

3D printing and nanotechnology developments promise to cut time and cost in composite structures production while recycling and sustainability continue to grow in importance.
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Carbon Fiber 2017 final highlights

Applications and enabling technologies for carbon fiber promise new market penetration – challenges notwithstanding.
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Carbon Fibers

Teijin to build new carbon fiber plant in South Carolina

Teijin Ltd. will build the facility in Greenville, SC, US, and expand its PAN precursor capacity in Japan. Further, the Toho Tenax unit is being folded into Teijin with the creation of Teijin Carbon Fibers.
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Additive Manufacturing

Tooling: 3D printing’s “killer app”

If 3D printing can be scaled to make tools for composite auto body panels ... it will be transformative
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State of the Composites Industry

Do you have your own assessment of the state of the composites industry? If so, let me know at jeff@compositesworld.com. And have a great 2018.
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L.S. Starrett Co. introduces benchtop vision measurement system

L.S. Starrett Co. (Athol, MA, US) has introduced the HVR100-FLIP, a new large field-of-vision (FOV) benchtop vision measurement system that is capable of being used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.
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Carbon Fibers

Australian research group launches carbon fiber manufacturing

CSIRO has begun manufacture of Australia’s first carbon fiber sourced entirely from materials produced in the country. Fiber quality is automotive grade, but the organization has its sights set on aerospace grade material.
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VELOX, Ilium Composites now partners

VELOX GmbH a European distributor of raw material specialties for the composites industry, has formed a new distribution partnership with Ilium Composites, a manufacturer of glass reinforcements.
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