Additive Manufacturing

ORNL develops lignin-based composite 3D printing material

Researchers have found that combining lignin with nylon yields a composite with increased room temperature stiffness and decreased melt viscosity.


Autocomposites from waste: Garbage in, valuable, functional parts out

Automakers explore use of waste materials to make commercial car parts.
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Carbon Fibers

NREL makes strides with bio-based acrylonitrile

National Renewable Energy Laboratory uses corn to make renewable carbon fiber precursor.


Blohowiak, Ogale, McCarville become SAMPE Fellows

SAMPE presented its Global Fellow Awards on Monday night.
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Carbon Fibers

Hexcel opens new carbon fiber plant in France

The company’s new 37-acre plant is devoted to the manufacture of carbon fiber and PAN precursor.
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Thermoplastic composites: Scenic view

First use of thermoplastic composite guide rails to replace aluminum brings many benefits to fixed-glass, roller-blind sunroof modules.
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Natural Fibers

Green Science Alliance Co. Ltd. manufactures new nano cellulose composites

The company has established a manufacturing process for mixing nano cellulose with various thermoplastic plastics.
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Additive Manufacturing

IACMI and ORNL showcase additive manufacturing advancements at IMTS

Demonstration followed the journey of an additively manufactured metal die as it was 3D printed, machined and used to mold advanced composite parts.
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Carbon Fibers

Epic Aircraft completes structural testing

The company has successfully completed E1000 structural testing, concluding one of the more demanding phases of its E1000 type certification (TC) program.
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U.S. styrene-reduction mandates: Go or no-go?

Legislative changes are slow in coming, but technology forges ahead.
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Styrene ≠ polystyrene: An important distinction for composites

Definitions are important when discussing technology. Although often used interchangeably, the terms styrene and polystyrene refer to different materials.
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Hexcel and Gazchim partner on kitting services for Aerospace, Defense and Industrial markets

The joint venture, named HexCut Services, will provide pan-European kitting services that will include Hexcel’s carbon fiber prepreg and other composite materials.
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Domtar partners with Prisma Renewable Composites

The two companies are working to develop and commercialize lignin-based advanced materials.
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High-performance composites in Israel

Four major manufacturers — diverse, yet with shared commitment — showcase global aerocomposites industry capacity and this region’s potential for future growth.
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Teijin breaks ground for carbon fiber facility in South Carolina

TENAX manufacturing to start second half of 2020, targeting aerospace and automotive industries.
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Natural Fibers

Ekoa TP, better than wood

Flax fiber/bio-thermoplastic composite provide look and feel of wood but higher properties, targeting $80 billion interiors market and, eventually, a wood replacement for construction.
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Carbon Fibers

Getting carbon fiber cost down

4M Carbon Fiber Corp. says its objective is to demonstrate that standard modulus carbon fiber can be made from textile grade PAN precursor using significantly less energy and in less than half the processing time, thus cutting carbon fiber manufacturing cost by about 50%. Plasma oxidation is the key.
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3D printing composites with continuous fiber

New composite manufacturing technology for multimaterial, multifunctional composite structures.
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Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing: Big and going commercial

A demonstration of large-format 3D printing delivers parts for an excavator cab, from CAD data to ready for assembly, in only five hours.
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Carbon Fibers

4M, ORNL and RMX Technologies to manufacture low-cost carbon fiber from textile PAN

The project’s objective is to demonstrate that standard modulus carbon fiber can be made from textile grade PAN precursor using less energy and processing time.
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