Glass Fibers

Diversified composites manufacturer BFG Africa opens new facility

BFG Africa’s new factory to boost Africa-wide environment-friendly composites fiberglass design and manufacturing. 
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Carbon Fibers

Orca Group forms European carbon fiber composite group

The Angeloni Group combines four companies with expertise in the carbon fiber composite supply chain into one vertically integrated group.
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Carbon Fibers

Acrylonitrile from biomass scales up

Affordable, sustainable, efficient manufacture of biomass-based acrylonitrile — the primary feedstock of carbon fiber production — is leaving the lab and entering the real world.
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Nanomaterials: Products, supply chain mature for next-gen composites

Development spans 3D and thermoplastic nanocomposites, nano-CMCs for hypersonics and nanomaterials safety and toxicity.
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2019 Paris Air Show: Highlights

The 2019 Paris Air Show may have lacked the glamour of a new aircraft program announcement, but the composites industry represented is clearly gearing up for next-generation aerospace manufacturing.
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DARPA presents TFF program for low-cost composites for defense

Results reviewed at SAMPE 2019 show new materials and side-by-side comparisons of thermoset, thermoplastic, HP-RTM and press-forming, including PtFS molding cell.
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Carbon Fibers

Acrylonitrile market expected to grow due to carbon fiber demand

According to a recent market analysis report, increasing demand for carbon fiber will lead to significant growth in the acrylonitrile market over the next four years.
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Carbon Fibers

Research of developing coal, oil into low-cost carbon fiber advances

Western Research Institute and academic and industry partners advance into the second year of a research project to turn coal, crude oil and biomass into low-cost carbon fiber.
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Additive Manufacturing

Reaping the benefits: Composites use grows in agricultural equipment

Multiple trends support composites advances in this huge but fragmented market.
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JEC World 2019: Hexcel

Hexcel held its annual press conference at JEC World 2019 and reported promising numbers, as well as several new products and technologies.
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Carbon Fibers

Harper International releases next-generation oxidation oven system

Harper International (Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.) announces the release of its next-generation oxidation oven system, as well as enhancements to its high-temperature (HT) furnace systems.

Glass Fibers

Polyscope Polymers wins JEC Innovation Award for thermoplastic composite guide rails

The guide rails, developed for the Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic multipurpose vehicles, comprise glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastics.
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Carbon Fibers

Thermoplastic composite pipe on the rise in the deep sea

Demonstrators, pilot programs and qualification efforts are paying off as thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) makers take orders for deep-sea oil and gas applications.
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Carbon Fibers

Hyosung plant expansion to double company's carbon fiber manufacturing capacity

The company is investing $41.5 million into an expansion to its JeonJu plant, said to double production capacity of carbon fiber to 4,000 metric tonnes annually.
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Carbon Fibers

Porous carbon fiber shows potential for automotive energy storage applications

Researchers at Virginia Tech explore industrial uses for porous carbon fiber in electrochemical energy storage.
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Carbon Fibers

Porous carbon fiber made from block copolymers may enable energy storage

Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a process to synthesize porous carbon fibers with uniform size and spacing.
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Withstanding fire without the weight

New composites meet stringent fire requirements while lightweighting ships, rail cars and battery boxes for electric cars and planes.
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VELOX named distributor for Porcher Industries

The distribution agreement includes the complete product range of Porcher Industries, such as glass yarn fabrics, woven carbon fabrics and thermoplastics prepregs.
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Bio-composites break into structural automotive applications

A company’s bio-based, polyamide composite comes with a unique property profile that may help it carve a niche in automotive applications.
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Mass Transit

Composites 2019: A multitude of markets

The composites industry, in general, continued to show health and growth, powered particularly by the aerospace, automotive and wind energy sectors.
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