Montefibre Carbon receives €11.5 million in new funding to develop aerospace-grade carbon fiber

The Spain-based company is investing in production of a PAN precursor for conversion to carbon fiber with semi-aerospace quality, and building of a flexible carbonization line. 
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Carbon Fibers

"Green" carbon fiber: Renewable energy powers fiber production

Zoltek is first in the industry to use “green” electricity to produce a portion of its heavy-tow carbon fiber.
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Enabling a circular economy approach to advanced composites innovation, manufacturing and use, Part 1

In part 1 of a two-month column, IACMI chief technology officer Uday Vaidya reflects on the organization’s efforts to reduce the embodied energy of composites.
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Additive Manufacturing

3D printing, composite materials enable motorsports design flexibility

A collegiate Formula SAE racing team used Windform carbon fiber-filled composite materials and laser sintering technology to streamline part design.
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The coming decade: Clarity with a strong dose of uncertainty

Columnist Dale Brosius considers the potential and uncertain role of composites in aerospace, automotive and other markets in the coming decade.
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The markets: Fuels cells and batteries (2020)

Although fuel-cell powered vehicles could still be in the automotive future, growth will be measured, and so will the market there for composite components. Composites for electric vehicle battery packs and hydrogen tanks for fuel cell vehicles will be the more immediate opportunity.
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Radiophysicists study the properties of composites for 5G devices

Radiophysicists at Tomsk State University are forming a database of composite materials properties for creation of 5G and space communication devices.

Carbon Fibers

The markets: Aerospace (2020)

Despite the 737 MAX groundings, several new programs on the horizon portend increasing use of composites in commercial aerostructures for several decades.
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Carbon Fibers

University of Kentucky receives grant to turn coal pitch into carbon fiber

University researchers will work with industry partners to convert coal tar into carbon fiber for use in high-performance composite applications.
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Carbon Fibers

LeMond Carbon audits rapid-oxidation carbon fiber technology

A Bureau Veritas audit of LeMond Carbon’s carbon fiber, made with a novel rapid-oxidation technology, shows mechanical properties comparable to Toray T300 fiber.
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Compression Molding

Overmolding on the cheap

Innovative injection/compression composites overmolding approach combines smaller injection molded inserts with compression molded parts.
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Carbon Fibers

Technical University of Munich researchers explore using algae to make carbon fiber

The process uses algae to convert CO2 from the atmosphere and manufacturing exhaust into algae oil, which is then used to produce polyacrylonitrile (PAN) carbon fiber precursor. 
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Epoxy toughening agent enhances adhesion for automotive applications

CVC Thermoset Specialties’ HyPox RA875 epoxy adduct toughening agent is said to enable improved peel strength at room temperature and temperatures down to -40°C.
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Bloodhound hits 501 mph in latest test run

Bloodhound LSR is being put through its paces in South Africa as it prepares for a 2020 attempt to break the land speed record of 763 mph.
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Carbon Fibers

Episode 29: John McQuilliam, Prodrive Composites

Prodrive Composite’s John McQuilliam discusses the company’s primary to tertiary (P2T) carbon fiber composite recycling process.
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Composites 2020: A Multitude of Markets

The manufacturing world likes to think of composites fabrication as a single, global entity that operates to serve its customers’ needs with a variety of highly engineered parts and structures.
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CW's Carbon Fiber conference just weeks away

Carbon Fiber 2019 will be held Nov. 19-21 in Knoxville, Tenn., U.S. and is the authoritative source for the latest on technical and business trends shaping fabrication of carbon fiber composite parts and structures. 
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The state of recycled carbon fiber

As the need for carbon fiber rises, can recycling fill the gap?
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The impact of Apollo 11

On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, columnist Dale Brosius reflects on the past and future of advanced composites use in spacecraft.
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CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: JiangSu TiWin Composites Co.

JiangSu TiWin Composites Co. Ltd. develops composites technology both for equipment and products including prepreg, fabrics and composite parts.
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