Carbon Fibers

Jiangsu Hansu launches high-performance UD composite tapes

Continuous carbon fibers incorporate SABIC’s ULTEM powder, which increase high-performance and potential for aerospace applications.
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Fibre Extrusion Technology FET-100 series reaches $20 million in sales

The multi-functional melt spinning system facilitates the development of precursor synthetic textile materials, as well as biodegradable composite materials.
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Glossary of composites terms
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CETMA: composites R&D and innovation in Italy

From design and simulation to inline inspection, induction welding, continuous compression molding and recycled carbon fiber, this lab to support industry is advancing composites in aerospace, automotive, construction and more.
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Revolutionizing the composites cost paradigm, Part 1: Feedstock

Highly-aligned, short-fiber Tailorable Universal Feedstock for Forming achieves aerospace properties, metal-like formability in zero-waste, fiber-to-parts pilot plant.
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Compression Molding

Advancing thermoplastic composites and RTM for Clean Sky 2 in Spain

EURECAT leads projects for TPC keel beam, window frames and thermoset RTM fuselage frames with TPC shear ties for next-gen aircraft.
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3D printed composites with 60% fiber, less than 1% voids

9T Labs advances continuous carbon fiber 3D printing for industrial series structural components.
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Carbon Fibers

Anisoprint launches ProM IS 500 industrial 3D printer

ProM IS 500 is said to be the first industrial printer for continuous fiber-reinforced high-temperature plastics.
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Additive Manufacturing

Fixed-gantry options for large-scale additive manufacturing

Thermwood’s LSAM MT, the latest model of is large-scale additive manufacturing machine, features a single fixed gantry mounted over a moving table.
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CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Michelman

At CAMX 2019, Michelman is featuring its new line of Hydrosize carbon fiber sizing solutions.
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Magnetic 3D printing the next generation of tailored composites

Fortify uses magnetic fields and digital light processing to produce tailored microstructures for high-resolution, 3D printed composite parts — and enables the next generation of multiscale, multifunctional composite metamaterials.
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CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Ensinger Composites

Ensinger offers engineering capabilities for high-performance thermoplastics and thermoplastic composites.
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Carbon Fibers

Consortium targets solutions for carbon fiber thermoplastic composite structures

The HAICoPAS project, led by Hexcel and Arkema, aims to optimize UD tape design and manufacture for aerospace and automotive composites.
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Institut de Soudure Groupe optimizes production control for large-sized composite parts

Partnership with aerostructures supplier Duqueine installs thermography to reduce inspection time and cost.
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2019 Paris Air Show: Highlights

The 2019 Paris Air Show may have lacked the glamour of a new aircraft program announcement, but the composites industry represented is clearly gearing up for next-generation aerospace manufacturing.
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Glass Fibers

Auto industry explores engineering thermoplastic performance improvements

Polyamides, carbon fiber prominent at 2019 SPE AutoEPCON.
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EconCore thermoplastic honeycomb panel production technology

EconCore’s ThermHex honeycomb technology converts thermoplastics to high-performance, lightweight honeycomb core structures and, combined with inline lamination of skins, produces lightweight sandwich panels.
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Additive Manufacturing

Tooling technologies positioned for speed, control

Tooling is one of the most rapidly evolving segments of the composites industry, as new technologies and processes like 3D printing, OOA infusion, thermoplastic composites reshape how molds are made.
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Carbon Fibers

Sicomin provides epoxy resins for ENATA Aerospace flying car concept

Sicomin’s SR1700 epoxy system was selected, having been specially formulated for the production of high-performance composites such as aerospace applications.
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Carbon Fibers

Michelman launches Hydrosize Carbon fiber sizing solutions

Hydrosize Carbon reportedly allows carbon fiber manufacturers to optimize the interfacial adhesion between the polymers and the fibers by tailoring the surface chemistry of the reinforcement fibers to the chemistry of the matrix resin.
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