The long view for composites in long-haul trucks

Composite components on heavy trucks and trailers continue to grow, both in volume and in kind, but they won’t be carrying structural loads until the mid-2020s.
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Advancing composites through virtual and augmented reality

A review of technologies that are bridging the technical divide between the virtual world of design and simulation, and the real-world of composites manufacturing and repair.
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Mass Transit

A clean technology for clean, zero-emissions buses

Monocoque composite body designed to support all bus loads.
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Welding thermoplastic composites

Multiple methods advance toward faster robotic welds using new technology for increased volumes and larger aerostructures.
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Safe cycling: Keys to composite bike design integrity

Steps bike designers and manufacturers must take to keep high-performance carbon fiber bikes safe, upright and on the road or trial.
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U.S. styrene-reduction mandates: Go or no-go?

Legislative changes are slow in coming, but technology forges ahead.
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Drones: Composite UAVs take flight

First seen in defense applications, unpiloted aircraft development is surging in the commercial world, enabled by a host of new material, process and assembly technologies.
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Carbon Fibers

The spread of spread tow

Advancing from “lighter and thinner” to boosting strength, stiffness, impact resistance and productivity, spread tow unlocks new applications and markets.
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Service & repair: Optimizing wind power’s grid impact

As wind farms surge into the electrical mainstream, a fast-growing industry works to maximize the service lives of the composite blades that harvest the power of the wind.
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Consolidating thermoplastic composite aerostructures in place, Part 2

Thermoplastic composite structures could eliminate the autoclave and fasteners, but will a one- or two-step process prevail?
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I want to say two words to you: “Thermoplastic tapes”

Thermoplastic tapes are not new to composites, but they soon will join the primary aerostructures material palette and could be their future.
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Consolidating thermoplastic composite aerostructures in place, Part 1

After more than 30 years of development, in-situ consolidation is nearing its promise to eliminate fasteners and the autoclave, and enable an integrated, multifunctional airframe.
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Composite fendering piles fit the bill

Composites replace wood in New Jersey marine fender project.
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Composites and Industry 4.0: Where are we?

As the tide of the Fourth Industrial Revolution rolls in, how will composite manufacturers ride the wave?
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Reconfigurable tooling: Revolutionizing composites manufacturing

Shape-changing molds eliminate tooling for large 3D panels while automated assembly fixtures go modular, using metrology to reduce cost and shimming.
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Preforming goes industrial: Part 2

Automated preforming isn’t only for 2D and 2.5D parts. Innovators are taking successful aim at building 3D preforms at production speeds.
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Poly/Vinyl Esters

SMC: Old dog, more tricks

In the sheet molding compound renaissance, the advent of new resins and compounds are broadening the definition and application of this versatile family of composites.
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Glass Fibers

Preforming goes industrial: Part 1

ATL and AFP-based preforming options now abound for processing dry and/or impregnated reinforcements as quickly as 1 minute or less with potential yearly part yields in the millions.
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Composites recycling: Gaining traction

Recycling of carbon fiber, glass fiber and — at last — resins, is growing as new players enter the space.
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Accelerating materials insertion: Where do virtual allowables fit?

In the quest to reduce the time and cost for aerocomposite design allowables development, will conventional physical testing and virtual testing go head-to-head or work side-by-side?
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