Automated, in-situ inspection a necessity for next-gen aerospace

Inline inspection technologies continue to evolve with the aim of providing faster and more accurate part inspection.
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Fiber sizing, tow spreading and the quest for encapsulation

Fiber sizing is easily overlooked by composites fabricators, but it will be increasingly important to optimization of fiber performance.
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Spirit AeroSystems invests in qualification program with Toray prepreg

The world’s largest aerospace tier supplier seizes the opportunity to develop its own allowables for a carbon fiber prepreg, setting an important precedent.
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Carbon Fibers

HP-RTM for serial production of cost-effective CFRP aerostructures

Merging automotive process and tooling with aerospace quality to meet increasing production rates.
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Large, high-volume, infused composite structures on the aerospace horizon

Infused carbon fiber composite structures are not new, but they have never been built at the rates anticipated for next-generation, single-aisle aircraft. It is a daunting prospect — but a feasible one.
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Tackling the aerospace supplier’s dilemma: Scalability

Automation and robotics can go a long way toward increasing capacity and growing a business dedicated to aerospace manufacturing. But Trinity Precision has learned that refining the indirect and unseen aspects of its operations can be just as valuable.
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Mission critical: An additive manufacturing breakthrough in commercial aviation

The GE9X is the first commercial aircraft engine to reach production with significant additive content. The story of GE’s accomplishment and why it matters.
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Thermoplastic composites: Poised to step forward

The evolving role of thermoplastic materials and processes and their future in next-generation commercial aircraft.
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Tooling technologies positioned for speed, control

Tooling is one of the most rapidly evolving segments of the composites industry, as new technologies and processes like 3D printing, OOA infusion, thermoplastic composites reshape how molds are made.
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Mission Critical: An AM Breakthrough in Commercial Aviation

The GE9X is the first commercial aircraft engine to reach production with significant additive content. The story of GE’s accomplishment and why it matters.


Smarter, integrated data for ATL/AFP

More than helping to eliminate dry runs and costly errors, AFP/ATL software is beginning to benefit the whole product lifecycle through the interconnectedness of the digital thread.
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The still-promised potential of basalt fiber composites

Although the long-anticipated market surge in basalt fiber-reinforced polymer composites remains largely in the future, basalt fiber manufacturers are making headway over the technical and market hurdles toward large-scale application.
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Reaping the benefits: Composites use grows in agricultural equipment

Multiple trends support composites advances in this huge but fragmented market.
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Additive Manufacturing

Moving continuous-fiber 3D printing into production

With patents proliferating and production applications emerging, 3D printing with continuous fiber reinforcement is poised for significant market growth.
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Building confidence in recycled carbon fiber

Recycled carbon fiber is proving, increasingly, to be a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable composite solution for automotive and other high-volume applications.
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Compression Molding

Withstanding fire without the weight

New composites meet stringent fire requirements while lightweighting ships, rail cars and battery boxes for electric cars and planes.
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Carbon Fibers

Energy storage in multifunctional carbon fiber composites

A need for lightweight energy storage technology is fueling the development of carbon fiber composite materials for car batteries and other electronics.
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Tecnofire adds fire resistance to transportation and infrastructure applications

Intumescent nonwoven veils improve the fire performance of composites in bridge, bus, building, marine and aircraft structures.
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Autocomposites from waste: Garbage in, valuable, functional parts out

Automakers explore use of waste materials to make commercial car parts.
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Filament winding, reinvented

Robots and digital technology deliver speed plus larger, more complex parts, while generative 3D winding obviates mandrels and waste for automotive applications.
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