Carbon Fibers

Kordsa supplies carbon fiber fabric for TRB EV battery enclosure production

Kordsa’s supply of carbon fiber fabric offers additional electric vehicle lightweighting opportunities for TRB Lightweight Structures. 

Urban Air Mobility

GM announces eVTOL, delivery vehicle concepts

During a virtual CES 2021 keynote, General Motors announced its BrightDrop electric delivery vehicle business and single-seater urban air mobility concept vehicle.
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Workhorse receives purchase order for all-electric, composite body delivery vehicle series

Purchase order for 6,320 C-Series delivery vehicles marks Workhorses’ largest individual order to date and expands its sales channel internationally into Canada.


Agility Prime completes Joby eVTOL airworthiness evaluation report

The U.S. Air Force’s initiative to accelerate the vertical aircraft market lays the groundwork for the use of Joby’s eVTOL equipment for military missions.
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What is the role of composites in electric vehicles?

Governments and automakers are sending clear signals that electric vehicles are the future. Lightweighting EVs with composites seems obvious, but Dale Brosius says there are more opportunities not to be missed.
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Automotive market report predicts 17% decrease in global production in 2020

Data and market analysis company Inovev estimates that 15 million fewer vehicles have been produced in 2020 compared to 2019.


Report finds that renewable energy is cost-competitive with traditional power

A joint 2020 Nuclear Energy Agency and International Energy Agency study reports that levelized costs of renewable and nuclear energy generation are falling below that of fossil fuels.


Hybrid electric vehicle market report indicates steady, upward growth

As carbon dioxide emission regulations become stricter across the world, HEV sales show an increasingly upward trend, with expectations to peak at $792 billion by 2027.
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Carbon Fibers

CSP Advanced Materials Center unveils composite battery enclosure and material innovations

Transition into broader R&D capabilities include honeycomb manufacturing process for ultra-lightweight Class A panels and a full-sized, multi-material battery enclosure featuring a one-piece composite cover.
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Compression Molding

The markets: Fuel cells and batteries (2021)

Although fuel-cell powered vehicles could still be in the automotive future, growth will be measured and so will the market for composite components. Composites for electric vehicle battery packs and hydrogen tanks for fuel cell vehicles will be the more immediate opportunity.
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Glass Fibers

The markets: Automotive (2021)

Composites continue measured growth as the global automotive industry, driven by zero-emissions goals toward increased electrification, seeks to reduce vehicle weight and improve performance.
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Toray, Joby Aviation finalize long-term carbon fiber supply agreement

Toray carbon fiber materials will be used throughout the eVTOL aircraft structure, propulsion systems and interior components, with hopes to bring it to commercial operation as early as 2023.
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Samad Aerospace eVTOL aircraft completes successful flight test

The successful test ensured the all-electric e-Starling’s CTOL flight capabilities and achieved an essential step toward its VTOL aircraft development.


Episode 35: Lisa Ketelsen, Covestro

CW Talks visits with Lisa Ketelsen, head of thermoplastic composites and CEO of Maezio at Covestro. Ketelsen talks about her path to Covestro and the Maezio product line, Maezio’s attributes and applications, and how she sees thermoplastic composites evolving in the marketplace.
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VoltAero receives EU funding for hybrid-electric aircraft development

An initial €2.1 million grant and a possible equity portion of up to €11 million will keep the project on track to meet its goal of initiating deliveries of production-version Cassio airplanes in 2023. 


AZL, EconCore, Audi partner to develop composite battery casings

A new project aims to identify potential opportunities and challenges for composite materials within the electric vehicle battery enclosure market.
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Urban Air Mobility

Honeywell brings UAM fuel cell expertise in-house

After setting up a business dedicated to urban air mobility, and opening a dedicated R&D lab, Honeywell has now acquired the assets of fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Unmanned Systems.
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Composites help offset battery weight for electric waste trucks

Fraunhofer IWS develops cost-effective joining of aluminum frames and fiber glass-reinforced thermoplastic panels.


Bercella carbon fiber bodywork meets aesthetics, aerodynamics and performance

The Italy-based company collaborated with Romeo Ferraris on the design and production of the new, all-electric Alfa Romeo Giulia ETCR car to compete in the 2021 Pure ETCR.


Lux Research suggests BEVs will rely less on lightweighting by 2030

In order for lightweighting to be a cost-effective solution against batteries by 2030, Lux determines it will need to cost less than $5/kilogram of weight saved.