Additive Manufacturing

CMS debuts hybrid LFAM/milling machine

The machining specialist has developed the first iteration of Kreator, a large-format, thermoplastic composite 3D printer and five-axis milling machine for tooling and jigs.
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Additive Manufacturing

Large-scale, robotic-mounted 3D printer aims to expand AM size limits

Italy-based Caracol has developed an extrusion-based, robot-mounted 3D printer to scale up printing capabilities for high-performance aerospace tooling and industrial parts.
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Composite thermal breaks boost window insulation value

The composite insulation systems used in windows to insulate building interiors, while rarely seen, are vital to sustainable and efficient residential and commercial construction.
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Large-format 3D printing enables toolless, rapid production for AUVs

Dive Technologies started by 3D printing prototypes of its composite autonomous underwater vehicles, but AM became the solution for customizable, toolless production.

Poly/Vinyl Esters

Assessing a composites supply chain in flux

The global pandemic, shipping woes and winter storms have wreaked havoc on the composites supply chain. CW attempts to find out how widespread the problem is.
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Composites as auto-body reinforcements

Hybrid structural-reinforcement technology expands options, gains applications, markets.
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The markets: Fuel cells and batteries (2021)

Although fuel-cell powered vehicles could still be in the automotive future, growth will be measured and so will the market for composite components. Composites for electric vehicle battery packs and hydrogen tanks for fuel cell vehicles will be the more immediate opportunity.
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The markets: Construction (2021)

The construction industry is an economy unto itself, and will be worth more than $15 trillion annually by 2030. More than 36 million new housing units will be required in the world’s 20 largest cities by 2025. Legacy materials dominate in this market, but the opportunities for composites are substantial, and growing.
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Composites fill the gaps in museum dinosaur skeletons

Ontario-based Research Casting International uses composites to build lightweight, durable dinosaur castings for museums around the world.
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Carbon Fibers

Composites-intensive masterwork: 2020 Corvette, Part 2

Innovative composite materials trim mass, costs and noise on the high-volume mid-engine sports car.
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Natural Fibers

Sustainable date palm fibers developed from agricultural waste

Developed by an Egyptian research consortium, PalmFil fibers and nonwovens have been developed for use in automotive composite applications and more.
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Carbon Fibers

Teijin increases short carbon fiber capacity

Increased product capacity will enable the company to better react to European market demands and strengthen its carbon fiber portfolio.
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Poly/Vinyl Esters

Composites-intensive masterwork: 2020 Corvette, Part 1

Eighth-generation vehicle sports more composites, and features parts produced using unique materials and processes.
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Glossary of composites terms
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Composites speed concrete facade fabrication

The 45-story One South First building, on the 11-acre Domino Park campus in Brooklyn, N.Y., features a geometrically complex concrete facade made, in part, with composite molds fabricated using large-format additive manufacturing.
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Composites fare well at 2020 PACE Awards

This year’s automotive supplier award winners included composite bumper beam, liftgate and pickup box applications.  
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Commercial-scale carbon fiber recycling comes to Tennessee

Accepting carbon fiber waste materials now, Carbon Fiber Recycling will recycle 2,000 tons of carbon fiber waste per year at its Tennessee facility. 
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Carbon Fibers

CETMA: composites R&D and innovation in Italy

From design and simulation to inline inspection, induction welding, continuous compression molding and recycled carbon fiber, this lab to support industry is advancing composites in aerospace, automotive, construction and more.
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Revolutionizing the composites cost paradigm, Part 1: Feedstock

Highly-aligned, short-fiber Tailorable Universal Feedstock for Forming achieves aerospace properties, metal-like formability in zero-waste, fiber-to-parts pilot plant.
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Teijin's Sereebo CFRTP adopted for 4K video cameras

Carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics add strength, reduce weight for Panasonic camera components.
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