Ceramic matrix composites: Hot engine solution

Disruptive designs for composites operation in 1093°C zones.
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Glass Fibers

JEC 2017 – Aiming for Industrialization

The exhibit floor in Paris reflected composites’ move toward high-rate and high-volume production.
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Glass Fibers

500,000 parts per year? No problem!

BENTELER-SGL develops fully automated HP-RTM production of the weight- and space-saving composite leaf spring for Volvo’s multi-model SPA global platform.
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Exclusive preview of SAMBA preforming demo

Cevotec unveils its Artist Studio software and automated SAMBA preforming cell at JEC World 2017.
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Thermography: The Big Picture gets bigger

Recent advances in IR camera technology are ... fueling another surge in thermography use.
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CAMX 2016 Exhibitor Previews: Part 1

CAMX, in its third year, is growing and expanding, and the quantity and quality of new products and technologies being introduced at the show is impressive. This week features Part 1 of the CAMX 2016 Exhibitor Previews.
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Automation: Robots taking off in commercial aircraft

Will this affordable and versatile class of multiaxis manufacturing hardware and software drivers enable airframers to reduce costs and speed deliveries?
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NCDMM, Ingersoll, Orbital ATK complete automated composites inspection system

The Automated Composite Structure Inspection System achieved a defect detection rate of up to 99.7% on aircraft components produced via automated fiber placement.
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Cytec gearing up for automotive expansion

With a new automotive-focused Application Centre set to open in December, Cytec Industrial Materials is emphasizing material and process flexibility to help OEMs integrate composites into forthcoming cars and trucks.
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SPE ACCE 2015 show report

Was this the year, finally, for the big break-through for automotive composites? Maybe, depending on to whom one talked or the presentation one heard.
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Automotive composites: Thermosets for the fast zone

Epoxies continue to be developed for faster cure to meet automotive production rates.
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Resins for the Fast Zone

An automotive supplier must have the ability to produce a composite part in a minute, or at least in minutes — not hours or days, the norm for composites in most other industries. Meeting that part-per-minutes goal is a huge hurdle that a few composite fabricators have cleared, and many more are involved in development efforts, with OEM or Tier partners. CompositesWorld reviews how resin suppliers have evolved their products for this critical market.
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The rise of HP-RTM

Decades of development have propelled it to prominence but its future demands industrial solutions for handling cost, complexity and process control.
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Thermoplastic composites “clip” time, labor on small but crucial parts

Preconsolidated carbon fiber/PPS and PEEK and automated thermoforming enable six-figure production of connectors for the Airbus A350 XWB.
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CAMISMA’s car seat back: Hybrid composite for high volume

Recycled fibers, in-situ polymerized PA12 and steel inserts combined in one-shot process to cut weight 40 percent at competitive cost, cycle time and safety.
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Leichtbau ist hybridbau

Integrating multiple materials and functions for lightweight construction in the German automotive industry.
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Meter/mix/dispense machines: Doubling down on control

The latest equipment solutions deliver lower costs, faster cycle times and better part properties.
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Structural preform technologies emerge from the shadows

Not yet in full production, with one exception, all are aimed at accelerating composite part manufacture at fast automotive rates.
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Offshore wind: How big will blades get?

 Explosive growth in offshore wind farms will push the limits of blade engineering as manufacturers pursue massive designs that will harvest more megawatts.
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Compression Molding

Taking Subjectivity out of Class A Surface Evaluation

Toward the goal of more consistent, repeatable and quantifiable Class A surface analysis, automakers and systems suppliers are developing and employing automated surface inspection tools.
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